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1st camp in the sun 2012

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Yeappiieee, away from minus 20°C and 2 meters of snow me, Jo and Chris flew to Cran Canaria and joined a few athletes from the team there. It was a great pity that we only saw Brett just a few minutes at the airport because he flew back home and we just arrived 1 hours earlier. But therefore the German head coach Jo Spindler was joining us and his training is as great as Bretts. So we shouldn’t miss anything;-) We came here because we had to do a few kilometers on the bike and in our running shoes for the upcoming season. Otherwise we still would train on the treadmill and on the ergo meter at the gym – and this can be boring. I already did it for 6 weeks! Luckily we had some snow and we skied a bit around;-) The best thing was our single afternoon off: we had heavy wind, big waves and the sand was blowing over the dunes. But we were happy like children because it was time to jump into the sea and do a bit of bodysurfing;-) Jo, Chris and me couldn’t get enough but the relatively cold water got us out after 1hour and our lips were blue. Sadly we have to fly back in a few days but then me and Jo looking forward to the Abu Dhabi Triathlon as a race-preparation for the Ironman South Africa! Hope to see a few of you down there!
Sunny greetings and best wishes from yours Di