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Invalids at home

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

After the Ironman South Africa I had a really bad feeling: while crossing the finish line I knew that I can’t walk anymore. At the beginning I hoped it’s just sore from the race but deep inside I was sure that it is more: the last week in SA was really hard because I wanted to do things which I normally can’t do but instead I became a couch potato. Back home in Germany I went straight to the doc and he found out that it’s a stress fracture! The hardest thing of all: I wasn’t only able to walk but couldn’t cycle either! That was tough – so, I went to the pool and spent many miles in it;-) Good for a bad swimmer like me – but after so many miles I even got slower. My head sank more down – but Brett and Jo always say we have to train for a long term goal! So, don’t think too much about it and back into the water. Luckily for 1 week now I’m able to cycle again (after 4 weeks of doing almost nothing) and at the beginning it felt like I’ve done no training before but it’s coming back again! Now after 2 days of hard cycling and only 1 recovery swim, the feeling in the water is there again and the times are getting better – yeappiee – one step in the right direction!

Now we’re 2 invalids at home: Jo has still some small problems because of the bike crash a few months ago and I can’t walk, esp. downstairs. So we try to build one body: those things which one of us isn’t able to do, the other part has to jump in and take over the task. It’s an up and down but we’re both looking forward to run again in a few weeks and hopefully we can still have some great races later this season!

Beside: one thing is good about it: I’ve a little bit more time for other things;-) And it seems our new pet knows this = our crazy sparrow:

YouTube Preview Image



A real Ironman

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

After this race on sunday here in Port Elizabeth all finishers are really allowed to call themselves real Ironmans. But what did happen on this day? Normally everybody who finishes such a race is an Ironman – but this race was a special one!

Last year when I came 3rd and I got my 1st podium ever in an IM I decided to race here again. Although I know that the weather can be tough here I would have never expected such a day! The whole night the wind was blowing outside the house and in the mornign we got heavy rain so that we were already wet before we have even seen the water! The sea became really choppy and there was a strong current which one didn’t see from the outside. On the last lap I missed a bouy and when I realized it I had to struggle back again. Finally after drinking half of the sea and getting really rough kicks I finished the swim. Unluckily 80 AgeGrouper didn’t make the swim cut-off – feel sorry for them!

I was so happy to be on the bike but then the wind became stronger and stronger till 65km/h and one was happy to cycle 15km/h against the wind. I almost was blowing away and when one was struggling really hard there came the referees and told one to stay on the right side! After my worst swim and cycling ever I was 3rd in T2 and started my marathon. The wind was blowing that heavy that I almost fell over my legs who were moving like being pulled. But at the end I became 3rd and run the 2nd fastest marathon behind Natascha Badman who is back in full pride!

My congrats to all the finishers! And the biggest thank you to all of the people who supported me before, during and after the race!