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Age Groupers as role models

Friday, June 15th, 2012

In my last blog I described the living of a professional when one can’t train properly because of injuries and other things. It was mentally very hard to go on with the training while not knowing what comes next and how the season goes on. Now after 7 weeks where I wasn’t able to run and the first 4 weeks not really able to cycle it’s not sure when I’ll be back fully into training!? But last weekend I had a very important experience: a very special friend and last years teamTBB Age Grouper showed me how to focus and helped me to find my way back into training. She showed me how to deal with my foot and how to fight myself back. We did some sessions together and the whole time I was fascinated by her power and energy. After a run in the morning and almost 6hrs bike ride I was happy to finish the training for the day but she slipped into her running shoes and I couldn’t say: “I prefer the shower and the couch!” No, she kicked my ass and I took my shoes, too. The one or other professional should have an Age Grouper as a role model: they work 8hrs, train 3-4 hours and have to organize their family life: I’m full of respect! Thank you for showing me the right way and giving me my self-confidence back! Keep your heads up and look forward even when you think you can’t go on any more: after a down there’s always an up;-)