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3 weeks – 2 wins on the Middle distance!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

After this weekend I’m pretty sure that I’m back in the race circuit! It was a hard fight over the last weeks and months. I had some really deep downs but at the end with the help of my coaches Jo Spindler and Brett I fought myself back. Yesterday in Austria the Trumer Triathlon showed me and all the people around me that I can run fast again!

I had a solid swim and while we started 5mins behind the man’s field I had to pass so many swimmers like never before in my life! I felt like a very fast swimmer the 1st time in my life;-) Then on the bike I smashed everybody and the men tried to cycle with me. That was the hardest battle of the day for me! In the trainsition area I had a 11mins lead but I didn’t know this. When I finished my 1st loop (5 km) they told me and I thought that I can run just a solid half marathon. And it worked perfectly. At the end I run 1:27 and won this race in a very strong matter with a 15mins lead! Now I’m looking forward to my next big Challenge: Copenhagen.

At the end I want to say thank you to the race organisation director Sepp and his crew: great race, well-organized, fantastic crowd! Jo (who became 9th in the men’s field) and I loved it! Another thank you goes to Jakob, the boss of the hotel „Mohrenwirt“ and Eric for the support and nice pics. At last but not least: without the help of Robert I couldn’t have taken part: 4 days before the race I weren’t able to move somehow because of an injured rip! Thank you!

Sunny greetings from Bad Tölz!

Yours Diana

Believe in yourself and you achieve your goals!

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Can you imagine that you don’t run 10 weeks in 3 months? No – yeah I thought the same but now I’m convinced that it’s possible and that you even can BE really good in a half-marathon. Over the last months I put all my energy into the swim and the bike – not that I wanted to leave the run beside but I had to. 2 weeks ago I started running again and thought that I could take part in a race which is very close to my town. It should be a half distance in the South of Bavaria. I was afraid and suspicious that it really works but my head said: “Try it! You’re fit and you can go for it!” I swam like I’ve never swam before, I cycled like a steem machine and then I had a gap of 6:30 in the transition area! I hoped that It’s enough – because the ladies behind me are fast runners, esp. Jenny Schulz who runs 10km in 35mins! The 1st lap I run slowly to get a feeling for it and my foot felt well and the gap got smaller but then I felt that my On Running shoes could carry me everywhere and every lap went better and the gap began to become bigger again. At the end I flew with a 5min lead over the finish line. Hopefully this was the day which brought me out of the valley up the hills again! But I felt that I’m back and now I’ve still some time to prepare for my next big event: Challenge Copenhagen in the mid of August. Looking forward to my training! Hot greetings from a hot race day (over 30°C!) here in Bavaria.

Yours Di