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I’m lucky that I’m able to write this…

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

One week ago my way leaded me towards Denmark to take part in the Challenge Copenhagen. Everything seemed to be perfect: the pre-races were going well, my foot was feeling well and the weather should be perfect on race day. Never before I’ve seen such a city where they looked that much after cyclist and it felt that Copenhagen consists only of cyclists.
The race day was starting perfectly. I had a great swim and lost only 8mins on the leading lady. So, that was a really good starting point. I was rolling up the field from the back and tried to cycle concentrated and not smash the bike. After 80kms I was just 2 mins behind the leading woman and could already see the 2nd lady in front of me.
But from one second to the other everything changed! I rolled down a very big road and you could see in the close distance the next hill. But before I crossed the deepest point, they let a bus 100m in front of me on the road and I had no chance to get around it or to stop the bike. The yellow side of the bus came closer and closer and I crashed with 40km/h into it. I lied on the ground and felt that I can move. There was some pain, but with the help of some guys I got on my feet. I was crying and thought that the race is over here. I told the people to fix my bike, I wanted to jump back on it. But my shoulder was hurting and I couldn’t move my arm at all. Shit! After a long battle I cycled on but after 4km I realized that it’s not possible. They called the ambulance and took me to hospital. There she said, I have a broken collar bone. I said that I crashed with my head against the bus (thankful that I had the nice Cratoni helmet on my head!!!), but as long as I’m not vomiting it’s fine. After 5 hours they sent me to the waiting room where I waited for my friends to fetch me up. But it was terrible there and I moved to the outside. I had a lot of time on my own and realized that I had great luck to be alive! But on the same time I knew that they betrayed me on my win (at least a podium)
Back in the hotel I had a painful night. The next day all the pain was there: my head was hurting, my hip is blue, my shoulder and there is always the feeling that my head is hanging on one side…Luckily I had a big roll of ROCKTAPE with me: we fixed the shoulder and made a lymph-tape over it. It helped a bit to stop the movements in the shoulder.
The upcoming Monday I spend in hospital to fix my shoulder and hopefully I’ll be back into training very soon!
Thank to everybody who sent some kind words and helped me. I’m happy that I’m alive!!!
Yours Diana