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Maybe we should break the other arm, too…

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

… these are the words I heart a few times over the last days. Not that anybody wants to keep me away another 4 months from training but the training progress was enormous over the last 4 weeks. 6 weeks ago my swimming looks the following: I swam 4-5 times for 30-45mins per week with 3 strokes with my healthy arm and one painful stroke with the recovered arm. The upcoming swim sessions I tried to use more often my broken arm and after 2 weeks I was able to use it during every stroke. I was so happy that I tried to swim 100m fast = 1:50min! Oje, that was not part of the script. But it came with no surprise to me: the broken arm was only the half of the healthy one! Solution: jump more often into the water and swim a little bit more every time. The rebuilding of my lost strength was in focus and Brett&Jo told me to swim with paddles, pull buoy and band (or I would call it “practicing drowning”). From this point on the mass went on: before my crash I wasn’t able to swim with those tools and it was more a standstill than a moving forward… that sounded like real fun! But I knew that I had to undergo it. After 4 weeks now I even can’t believe it by myself – the same feelings have my team mates Jo and Markus (our German development athlete) who become scared of me;-) I’ve never been that fast beforehand. That should be a really good base for the upcoming season!

Last Monday I did my last outdoor bike session on the streets of the foothills of the Alps for 2012 because the winter arrived here without any mercy. From now on I have to make some kilometers on my ergo in our garage. Not my favourite place but there for the watts climb up on the bike;-) If you ask me it can go on like this!

One of my favourite songs “HopHopHop” helps me to overcome the really hard stuff! Here you can listen to 2 songs of Goran Bregovic:

Goran Bregovic: HopHopHop

Goran Bregovic: RingeRingeRaja

Winter greetings from Bad Tölz,

Yours Diana