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Desert trip

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

„Nana-you’re 3:40 behind the 1st woman!“ – “What? You are crazy!” The 1st time in my life I came that close out of the water. It showed up that the last few weeks Jo did a great job when we try to improve my swim. But the road to Abu Dhabi was not that easy as the result may show!

The weeks beforehand I had really bad luck. End of last year I ripped my foot band and did a 6 weeks run break again. Then end of January I felt while skiing and my arm was hurting like hell. Did a docs marathon again but it showed up that it was only a bruise. But weren’t able to swim for 2 weeks. On top I got a really bad flue. OK, maybe it’s better to say Good Bye Abu Dhabi Triathlon. But there was my sister who wanted to join me. I was jumping from one side to the other and at the end I decided to fly because I didn’t want to upset my sister. And luckily I went down;-)

Like I wrote above I had my best swim ever, the bike was OK (not perfect because I stopped 2 times: first because an athlete felt down at the aid station in front of me and second I need some water but the aid station was too crowded and I had to wait for water) and the run was solid, too. Not as fast as I wished but I couldn’t expect that much after only 3 weeks of proper training! Think I haven’t said it before but I’m satisfied with my race and looking forward to the upcoming season! Hope training goes well and I’m back to 100% in summer to take part in some nice races.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me! Esp. Jo and Brett, our teamTBB and it sponsors, Rocktape, my physiotherapist and chiropractic and of course for the help of great doctors in Munich!

Train smart! Sunny greetings!



Here are 2 great links of the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon:

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