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What a fault! Originally I didn’t want to tell it but they made a movie of Challenge Rimini….

Saturday, June 8th, 2013
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Again a few months passed by and I didn’t write anything. But after the 3months camp in Lanzarote everything went crazy at home. After getting everything back in his place it should went normal and the training should go on. But the weather played a different game and we had to pack our bikes more often than I wanted to. 2 weeks ago I looked at the weather forecast: 2°C and snow! No, this couldn’t go on like this. I looked at the European weather map and decided to go to Italy and collecting some miles. By accident we saw that tot he same time was Challenge Rimini. Luckily they gave me a free slot. Drove down on Friday, Saturday 4hrs bike with 1500m of altitude. Sunday was race day: a bit fresh in the morning, a lot of rain and very windy but it got better with every hour. After 30mins of waiting fort he delayed starting gun my hands were frozen and I couldn’t close my fingers during the swim. But at the end oft he day I was happy with my result. I made 2 little mistakes where I liked to kick my ass for. I promise to work on it and it won’t happen again! Shortly we went home we did a 3,5hrs cycle again. It was a great training weekend down there in Italy. Back at home I got a bit depressive because of the weather: rain, rain, rain and max. 6°C. The whole Tuesday I looked for Last-Minute-Offers to Mallorca. There I’m sitting happy in the sun while enjoying my work. At least I train properly without missing some sessions and spend my time on the turbo or tread mill. 11 more days I’m allowed to enjoy the sun and hopefully our mid-European summer gives the winter a big kick to move away. On 16th of June I have my first race in my home country: Triathlon Ingolstadt. Afterwards I have to do a bit more training to get prepared for my 1st long distance race after my crash at the Challenge Copenhagen! Really looking forward to race IM Frankfurt. Hope to meet the one or other at or on the course down there;-)

Sunny Greetings,