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Another obstacle…

Monday, July 8th, 2013

The day had to come where I had to say I’m not able to start at the IM Frankfurt. This day was this week and with a heavy heart I had to say that I’m not at the start line. The preparation were really going great and the training races showed that I have a good shape to rock Frankfurt. But sometimes your body tells you that it might be better to rest and you should do it. It’s very tough when it is in the middle of the season and all the big races are going on at the moment. This weekend half of my team mates were starting in Frankfurt and Haugesund, next weekend is Roth! But I’ve to stick to my plan and try to improve my swim and bike right now. You never know what is good for something! I’ve already chose other races and put my focus on them;-) Meanwhile I enjoyed things I haven’t done for a long time, e.g. sitting in the sun while eating some cherries and doing nothing, took some pics of Jo how he is flying in his cloudracers, read good books and doing nothing;-) Pretty sure that I want to do such things more often from now on!

Enjoy your life!