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The Wonderful Peso

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Well, it’s my day off (yeah!:), and I’m getting ready for my daily trip to the grocery store (when the training increases, the eating increases.:) Unfortunately, that means the spending increases too, but fortunately for us, the US $/Peso conversion works in our favor : 40 pesos is equivalent to 1 US dollar. When I first arrived, I was shocked to spend 2000 pesos at the grocery store, but by doing the math, I realized it’s actually pretty cheap. These are some other examples of the wonderful peso conversion :

- coke light 20 pesos = 50 cents

- papaya 30 pesos = 75 cents

- 1 hr massage 400-500 pesos = $10-$12

- pool fee 50 pesos = $1.25

- track fee 10 pesos = 25 cents

- oatmeal, milk, toast 60 pesos = $1.50

- abercrombie and fitch tank top (I think it’s a fake:) = $2.50

So…I’ve convinced myself that I’m actually saving money by being in the Philippines. Some imported items are of course more expensive. I’m still griping about the $5 cost of my beloved box of Kelloggs, but hey, I’m saving money so it all works out.:))