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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

So, let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, I was in China for IM, then back to the Phillipines for a few days. I then spent an unexpected few days in Manilla with green card difficulties (who knew it was so hard to get back in the US with a Canadian passport…lesson learned!), finally arrived back “home” in San Diego for 2 weeks, then flew to Zurich on Sunday, followed by a 3hr train ride, and a mountain tram to my new home in the Alps.

Despite having some jetlag the first few days (asleep at 8pm, then wide awake from 1am-4am surfing the net, and having my second dinner:), I’m happy to call this beautiful little mountain village my home for the next two months. The weather has been a little cooler than I expected (yes, I know I was warned;), but coming from the Philippines, a sauna might feel a little on the cool side.

The training here, especially on the bike, is incredible and breath taking. As it’s my first camp in this part of Switzerland, I was a little naive when coach told me to have an easy flat ride at the bottom of the mountain my first day here. I cruised down the hillside, wind in my hair, enjoying my scenic little ride to Montreaux. Unfortunately, the “down” side, or should I say “up” side, to any flat riding around here is the climb back up the mountain. “What goes down must come up”, and I had conveniently blocked this from my mind on my scenic little excursion…there will now be a damper on any of my future flat riding adventures in Switzerland.:-[

Due to the jetlag or perhaps the altitude, I thought I was going crazy when I first arrived, hearing bells ringing on/off throughout the day. I was at Rebecca’s place the other day when she solved the mystery for me. “Rebecca”, I asked, “is that the fire alarm? Do we need to evacuate?” “No mate, just the cow bells, they’re moving pasteurs at the end of the day”. Oh, ok. I headed out the door on my bike, only to see a parade of cows blocking the narrow road in front of me. I tried to go around them, then realized I was in jeopardy of getting splashed by the remnants of whatever the cows had for dinner the evening before. I tucked in at the back, only to realize they were turning off in the same direction I was headed, straight past my place. It was a nice average pace of 5km/hr for my ride home.:)

Despite my initial jetlag and cow confusion, I’m very happy to be back at camp, in this very beautiful little part of the world. Until next time…