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Landis Sighting

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Yesterday, I was on a long ride with two of my training partners, whom I call Tyler and Lance. In the middle of nowhere, at the base of a long climb, we stopped at a store for our usual “coke break”. Then in walks Floyd (no, really, it was Floyd Landis). He buys a 2L of milk, takes it outside, off with his shoes, feet up, and starts drinking the milk. I didn’t wait around to see if he drank the whole 2 liters. Tyler, Lance and I took off up the climb. About 40min later, we started to descend back down, and passed Floyd on his way up. I swear, it looked like he was flying. Milk, anyone?

Happy 2009

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

It’s 2009, and I can’t believe a year has gone by since I joined the team. After my last race of 2008, IM Arizona in November, I went back home to Canada to visit my family. I grew up in Newfoundland, but my brother lives in Nova Scotia so we met there for a family get together. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been in “winter weather”….nice in small doses, but I was very happy to return to warmer weather in San Diego.:))

So, now I’m getting ready for the 2009 season – working on my bike and getting used to my new bike set-up. After much harassing from doc and everyone else in the tri world ;-) , my bike set-up is finally starting to look “normal”. In with the New Year, out with the beach cruiser. My good friend, Miss Coco, comes in a week, and I can’t wait to take her on some of my favorite rides around here…a ‘mini camp’ before the real camp starts. Of course, I’ve also promised her great sushi so we’ll have to find time to fit that in as well.;-)

Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy, successful 2009!