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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Last Thursday, the ‘blue house’ (pink house now since it’s been re-painted) became very quiet with Coco heading back to the US, and Lil C heading to Manila for the weekend.

So Saturday rolled around, and it was our recovery day from training. As anyone who knows me well can attest to, I don’t do well sitting around with time on my hands. So when the boredom hit and I started talking to myself, I wandered over to the ‘green house’ to pay the Wongstar a visit. Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of excitement in the ‘green house’ either…very devoid of the Bean’s presense since she left for S.Africa earlier in the week. So feeling a bit of ‘cabin fever’ coming on, Wongstar and I took a spin on our bikes around the neighborhood. Yes, rule #1 of being an athlete : never walk if you don’t have to.

I’ve been in Subic 7 weeks now, but most days all we really see is the road ahead of us. On our joy ride around the neighborhood, Wongstar and I came across some unusual signs that were a little puzzling to us. Perhaps we don’t know our neighborhood as well as we thought we did…



Sometimes you have to buy your own prizes…

Friday, March 20th, 2009


So with all the Coke discussions on the forum this week, I decided to write an update on my attempts at winning a Coke shirt in the Coke Philippines Contest (see LC’s blog from a couple of weeks ago).

Despite 6 weeks of looking under ever Coke cap in sight, LC and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that no “Free Shirt” Coke bottles were sent to Subic. What other explanation could there be? Obviously, the winning Coke bottles were all kept in Manila, while the “Smile! Ha!” bottle caps were all sent to Subic. If I see one more of these, I swear I’ll cry.

Anyway, frustrated with the manufacturers of Coke Philippines, LC and I have decided to boycott the Coke Contest. The lobbyists on the forum this week will obviously be very happy with our decision. And as a consolation prize, I found a Pepsi tank top for $2 US in Olongopo which I’ve been proudly wearing during my boycott. Caroline, however, knew that I was doing this out of spite, and being the thoughtful person that she is, she bought me my own Coke shirt while she was out shopping the other day. It’s not the authentic Coke shirt from the Coke Philippines Contest, but I like to think it’s even better.;-)


Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

This past week Coco, LC and I had a surprise house guest – an unexpected and uninvited house guest, and I was not at all happy about it. His name was Lester, and he showed up late Friday night. I guess he thought “the blue house” would be a good place to crash for the weekend.

I have to say, I had a bad impression of Lester right from the start. I was just drifting off to sleep Friday night when I heard a loud scream from the kitchen. Apparently, Lester had arrived earlier in the evening and was hanging out in the kitchen when Coco arrived home. She wasn’t expecting to see an unattractive male making himself at home in our kitchen, and neither was I when I came stumbling out of bed half asleep.

Later that night, I woke to go to the bathroom, and this time it was my turn to scream. I saw Lester’s shadow on my bedroom wall, and tried to hit him with my shoe – the nerve of the little guy coming into my room while I was sleeping!

Well, I think Lester had enough of the screaming girls for one night because we haven’t seen him since. He stayed in “the blue house” only one night, but it was one night too long. Sorry Lester, you wore out your welcome.

Before Lester left, Coco took a photo of him to warn the others on our team to be on the look out. Beware of Lester, he’s out there somewhere….


IM Malaysia

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

On Saturday, the Team TBB road show stopped in Langkawi for Ironman Malaysia. With six members of the team racing, and the support crew from TBB Singapore along with Alex, we had a full crew arranged to put on a great show.

Heading into the race, I had 2 goals – a hard swim and bike, and a top 10 finish. My run preparation hadn’t been ideal leading up to the race. My calf tear in November resulted in 2 months of no running, and a short build up of run training before the race. As always though, coach got me back on track when I showed up at camp in February, and I was ready to join the show in Malaysia.

I came out of the 1 loop swim in 3rd place behind Maki and Belinda. A pretty uneventful swim other than having my leg pulled on and losing my timing chip. From what I could see, there was a big pack ahead of me, but too far to close the gap, and the rest of the pro’s strung out somewhere behind.

I came out of the water, and headed out on the bike course, not knowing what position I was in. My plan was to ride strong and steady, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear at the 60k mark that I was in third place. Coco warned me before the race not to unclip and have a picnic at the special needs station like I usually do, and I am happy to say I was able to load all my food on my bike for this race. The hottest part of the day was probably during the middle part of the bike so while avoiding cows, chickens, dogs and monkeys, I was drinking about 2 bottles every hour. With about 25km left to go, I passed Maki and came into transition in second place.

I started out on the run with doc’s orders to keep it easy in my head. I ran along with an Aussie guy for the first 20k, chatting and thinking “perfect, this will make sure I keep it easy”. Well, unfortunately what I thought was easy pace was not what my legs had in mind. At 25k, the Mak attack came along, and at about 30k came Nicole Leder. I knew this wouldn’t be the day to go with either of them, so I concentrated on running my own race. Whatever my legs would give me would be where I’d end up. The last 10k my goal was to keep my legs turning over and hold onto 4th place. I have to admit, I started seeing $ signs in my eyes at this point. My legs were screaming, but as a wise doc once told me, “Endure What Can’t Be Cured.” I finished the last km glancing over my shoulder and happy that no one was in site. Very happy also to see Alex, Maki, Hiro, Coco and my old team mate BG waiting at the finish line.

So, yes, a long day at the office, but happy to get a long bike in my legs, and the start of some good run preparation for my next race. A big CONGRATS as well to Maki, Hiro and Matt. And a big THANK YOU to Alex and all the guys from TBB Singapore for their support. They put on a great show in Malaysia.