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Lester « Donna Phelan's Blog



This past week Coco, LC and I had a surprise house guest – an unexpected and uninvited house guest, and I was not at all happy about it. His name was Lester, and he showed up late Friday night. I guess he thought “the blue house” would be a good place to crash for the weekend.

I have to say, I had a bad impression of Lester right from the start. I was just drifting off to sleep Friday night when I heard a loud scream from the kitchen. Apparently, Lester had arrived earlier in the evening and was hanging out in the kitchen when Coco arrived home. She wasn’t expecting to see an unattractive male making himself at home in our kitchen, and neither was I when I came stumbling out of bed half asleep.

Later that night, I woke to go to the bathroom, and this time it was my turn to scream. I saw Lester’s shadow on my bedroom wall, and tried to hit him with my shoe – the nerve of the little guy coming into my room while I was sleeping!

Well, I think Lester had enough of the screaming girls for one night because we haven’t seen him since. He stayed in “the blue house” only one night, but it was one night too long. Sorry Lester, you wore out your welcome.

Before Lester left, Coco took a photo of him to warn the others on our team to be on the look out. Beware of Lester, he’s out there somewhere….


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