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Sometimes you have to buy your own prizes… « Donna Phelan's Blog


Sometimes you have to buy your own prizes…


So with all the Coke discussions on the forum this week, I decided to write an update on my attempts at winning a Coke shirt in the Coke Philippines Contest (see LC’s blog from a couple of weeks ago).

Despite 6 weeks of looking under ever Coke cap in sight, LC and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that no “Free Shirt” Coke bottles were sent to Subic. What other explanation could there be? Obviously, the winning Coke bottles were all kept in Manila, while the “Smile! Ha!” bottle caps were all sent to Subic. If I see one more of these, I swear I’ll cry.

Anyway, frustrated with the manufacturers of Coke Philippines, LC and I have decided to boycott the Coke Contest. The lobbyists on the forum this week will obviously be very happy with our decision. And as a consolation prize, I found a Pepsi tank top for $2 US in Olongopo which I’ve been proudly wearing during my boycott. Caroline, however, knew that I was doing this out of spite, and being the thoughtful person that she is, she bought me my own Coke shirt while she was out shopping the other day. It’s not the authentic Coke shirt from the Coke Philippines Contest, but I like to think it’s even better.;-)

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