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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow « Donna Phelan's Blog


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Well, not exactly, but after 3 weeks back in San Diego, I’m getting ready to head off to our next camp in Switzerland on Wednesday.

The past 3 weeks have passed in a whirlwind, but it’s been good to have some time to unpack and repack, and catch up with family and friends. Time enough also to get some much needed servicing on my bike – and to realize that I’d been riding Erika’s training wheels for the last 2 months while she’d been riding mine. Yes, that might be the reason why my shifting hadn’t been so great with her Campy cassette while she had my SRAM cassette. It might also explain why her bike suddenly caught the “screaming rear hub disease” while my rear wheel was suddenly cured. And it might also explain the confusion when doc asked me a few weeks ago why I had a spoke protector on my rear wheel? Uhhh…to make it more aero??:-P Where did that thing come from anyway??

Time enough also to catch up with friends at the pool. Even if they don’t fully understand what I’ve been doing the last few months, in their own way they try to show their support…”What?! You’re racing Wildflower 2 weeks after an Ironman?! What kind of medication do you take for that type of insanity??” Haha, there are many comedians at the pool where I swim.

So, now it’s time to start packing again – exchanging summer clothes for cool weather clothes. Yes, training in the Philippines in winter, and Swiss in the summer means that winter is summer and summer is winter. There’s also one other item I’m trying to pack in my luggage, but I’m not sure if he’ll fit….??


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