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Livin’ Swiss « Donna Phelan's Blog


Livin’ Swiss

Last Thursday I arrived in Leysin, one of my favorite places in the world to train. It has everything you could want as a triathlete : a great 25m pool that’s available to us almost anytime we want, an endless number of hills and mountains to ride up and down, quiet roads, bicycle friendly drivers, and a great track just down the hill and across the meadow…ok, well that hill is 14km long and the trek to the track is another 10km, but that’s besides the point.;-)

One of the other reasons I love Switzerland is because of the bread. Besides cows, clocks, and chocolate, Switzerland is also known for it’s bakeries which appear on almost every street corner. There’s one across the street from where I’m staying, and in the morning it’s the best smell in the world. In the US, we stop at 7-eleven’s on long rides, but here it’s a trip to the bakery (which also sells coke…what more could I ask for?;-)

Yesterday, a few of us rode to Lausanne and back on our “easy” day. Below is myself, Tereza, Abi and Steve (Abi’s Aussie mate) having a coffee/coke break. Thanks Travis for taking the photo! Another beautiful day in Swiss…


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