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Friday, June 26th, 2009

I love running with my ipod. I never leave home without it when I head out the door for a run. I was lucky enough during the training camp in Subic to be room mates with LC who is not only a computer wizard, but also has a huge selection of music on her laptop. Sort of like an LC of all trades. Anyway, my little Felipina friend tripled the number of songs on my ipod (not hard to do when I only had 30 to begin with;-) Well, after a few long runs of listening to my new songs, I had a new favorite running song – “Twittering” by Gavin Rossdale. It was the song I played repeatedly on the track, over and over again, When the going got tough, “Twittering” kept me going.

Well, one day in Subic I came back from the track, and I couldn’t get the lyrics of “Twittering” out of my head. Tereza had moved in with us by then, and when LC and Tez heard me singing my new lyrics, they looked at me like I had 2 heads. They informed me that the song was actually called “Adrenaline” and not “Twittering”. Well, I argued with them and we played the song a few times, and to keep the peace I admitted that perhaps I had been living in my own little world, singing along to the beat of my own drum. However, I’ve still been singing “Twittering” in my head every time I put on my ipod and go for a run.

So today, LC sent me a YouTube video of “Adrenaline” by Gavin Rossdale. Perhaps she’s right, but it will always be “Twittering” to me.

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday at the UCI

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

UCI Aigle
Last Sunday, Scott and I decided to have a change of scenery for our long run. We met on our bikes in the morning, and rode down the mountain to Aigle. Aigle is where the UCI is located (Union Cycliste Internationale) so we figured this might be a good place to stash our bikes. We met a cyclist outside the velodrome, and he said “no problem, follow me”. He took us into the velodrome and showed us where to park our bikes….amongst rack upon rack of fixed gear bikes. It was pretty impressive to watch the workout taking place on the velodrome. And even more impressive to watch the cyclists walk off the track…their tree trunk legs made mine and Scott’s look like sticks. Ah well, let’s see if they can swim and run with those legs.;-)

After being spectators for a few minutes, we took off for a long run on the endless bike paths and trails along the river in Aigle. These trails go on forever, and after a couple of hours I met Scott back at the velodrome. We were both starving, and decided to eat at the restaurant at the UCI. And this restaurant just happened to have a buffet – perfect. After eating our money’s worth, we rode back to the train station in Aigle and took the train back up the mountain.

A perfect Sunday morning….nothing beats a long run, a breakfast buffet and a free ride up the mountain.;-)

Riding in the Alps

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

I’ve been in Switzerland for 2 weeks now, and a large part of that time has been spent on my bike….whether I’m training or resting.;-) The climb we do most often is the long 14km climb from Aigle back up to Leysin. I was looking at the Tour Guide for this year’s Tour de France, and it showed a picture of “Our Hill” from a stage race a couple of years ago…


Another one of my favorite rides is from Leysin to Sion. It’s a deceptively flat ride because there’s always a huge headwind on the way back as it funnels between the mountains. I set out with Abi’s boyfriend Steve for an “easy” ride a few days ago. It was all fun ‘n games on the way out, but when we turned back into the headwind, it became the Hwy to Hell.;-) It’s still one of my favorite rides – challenging but like everywhere else here, the scenery is amazing.