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My Favorite C’s

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

My addictions, other than training of course, fall mostly in the ‘C’ category…..cereal, coke, chips (Pringles), coffee, my cats, my computer, and of course my Cervelo! This list, however, does not include cauliflower, cabbage or co-ordination activities. But beware if I go a day or two without any of the above and I hit the ‘Triple C’ level. You’ll find a very cranky, crooked and contrary California Canadian on the loose.

This is my cereal cupboard, stocked up in case of natural disaster. A bomb shelter of sorts. You can never have too much of a good thing….


And this is my 3 year old, holdin’ down the fort as I head out training….”Train hard mom! Don’t come home ‘Triple C’!” heehee


Tyler and Lance

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

When I’m not in training camp with my favorite training partners (the TBB Ironchicks/chickens), I do most of my bike training with Tyler and Lance in San Diego. Well ok, so those aren’t their real names, but sometimes when I’m gasping for air to stay on a wheel, it feels like I’m riding with Tyler and Lance.

Like any friendship, it’s often a love-hate relationship with training partners too. You love them in the best of times, you hate them in the worst of times. I can’t complain – I have good guys to ride with – but I also have days where I’m given the HTFU speech. Most days I take it, but I’ve also been known to fire back with my own creative displays of language and the group ride turns solo. I haven’t done that in a few months so I think that’s a good sign.;-)

And on almost every ride with Lance and Tyler, I come home with some type of souvenir in my jersey pocket….a rusty nail, a piece of metal, an old penny, a bottle cap, you name it, even a paper toilet seat cover! One time, I rode for who knows how long with toilet paper streaming out of my jersey pocket! All right guys, it’s all fun and games until….I fight back!

But the best part about riding with Lance and Tyler is that I work harder than I could ever work on my own. We might push each other’s buttons but we also push each other to that new level of pain…and truly, misery does love company.


Thanks Jay for taking the photo.:)

Sun Diego

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

There’s been a heat wave in San Diego since I arrived back 10 days ago. And being a lover of hot weather, I’m not complaining. I especially love swimming in the ocean this time of year when I don’t have to wear a wetsuit…I can swim for miles without doing flipturns, and I never hit arms with anyone. Of course, sometimes the occasional piece of seaweed freaks me out and sends me off on a mad 25m sprint (it was shaped like a shark’s fin, honest!)

But as much as I love the ocean, I still need my chlorine fix. It’s all about having balance in your life.;-)