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My Favorite C’s « Donna Phelan's Blog


My Favorite C’s

My addictions, other than training of course, fall mostly in the ‘C’ category…..cereal, coke, chips (Pringles), coffee, my cats, my computer, and of course my Cervelo! This list, however, does not include cauliflower, cabbage or co-ordination activities. But beware if I go a day or two without any of the above and I hit the ‘Triple C’ level. You’ll find a very cranky, crooked and contrary California Canadian on the loose.

This is my cereal cupboard, stocked up in case of natural disaster. A bomb shelter of sorts. You can never have too much of a good thing….


And this is my 3 year old, holdin’ down the fort as I head out training….”Train hard mom! Don’t come home ‘Triple C’!” heehee


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