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Moving Forward

Last Monday, I had my IT band surgery in Roanoke, Virginia. It went as good or better than I could have expected. I have an amazing doctor (Dr.TK Miller), and he and his wife took care of me for the few days I was in Roanoke. The surgery went smoothly, and that afternoon I was up and about on crutches (at the coffee shop of course, heehee). The hardest part of the day was fasting from midnight until 1pm…and you think you know what it means to be hungry.;-)

So now I’m back in San Diego, doing some rehab on my knee, and trying as doc says to “hurry slowly”. I’m very proud of all my team mates for their great efforts in Kona yesterday. It was tough watching the race online and wanting so badly to be there, but seeing everyone tough it out, and watching Tereza’s amazing 4th place finish made me very happy and proud of my fellow TBB’ers.

Tomorrow, I get back in the pool for some pool walking and to make best friends with my pull buoy for the next few weeks. I’ve been going through chlorine withdrawal for the last week, and I can’t wait to dive…uh, I mean climb into the pool tomorrow.

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