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Loving Pumpkins and Beasts « Donna Phelan's Blog


Loving Pumpkins and Beasts

It’s Halloween tomorrow, and everywhere I look, there’s a pumpkin staring back at me. Everybody and their dog seems to be dressing up for Halloween this year. My swim coach (who will turn into John Travolta tomorrow eve) asked me today what my Halloween costume will be. “Well, what you see is what you get”, I told him. “Oh, so you’re gonna be a swimmer?” “Yeah, something like that”. I think I might just turn some of those pumpkins into pumpkin pie, haha. You know what they say about “when life hands you pumpkins….”.


One of the books I finished not too long ago is called “Born to Run”. It has some great quotes in it, and this is my favorite….

“The most advanced weapon in the ultrarunner’s arsenal : instead of cringing from fatigue, you embrace it. You refuse to let it go. You get to know it so well, you’re not afraid of it anymore….You love the Beast. You actually look forward to the Beast showing up, because everytime he does, you handle him better. You get him more under control. You have a friendly little tussle with the Beast and show it who’s boss. You can’t hate the Beast and expect to beat it; the only way to truly conquer something, as every great philosopher and geneticist will tell you, is to love it.”

Here’s to loving Pumpkins and Beasts. Happy Halloween.:-)

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