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We Might As Well Win « Donna Phelan's Blog


We Might As Well Win

Today is the third of 5 days of predicted rain in a row for San Diego. So to keep myself from bouncing off the walls when I’m not training, I’ve returned to being a part-time book worm.

The most recent book I’ve finished is “We Might As Well Win” by Johan Bruyneel (Lance Armstrong’s coach for those who have been living under a log for the last ten years). With all the recent talk about our upcoming training camp, there were a few sections that stuck in my head and made me realize how excited I am about heading back to camp.

“Gathering the team for our first training camp of the year, is an occasion not of hope but, more accurately, of optimism : the entire season lies before us – ours for the taking if we are willing to work hard enough, and think enough, and sacrifice enough.
The loss is in the past, which can not be changed. The win – it still lies up ahead, waiting for us, and it will stay there until we figure out how to take it.”

And before stage 16 of the 2007 Tour, Johan says to Levi and Alberto, ” ‘We must ride in such a way that if we do not win, we lose. To have a chance at the top step, we have to be willing to never take one step off the podium.’ I was telling them that to take the yellow jersey they had to be willing to ride so hard it would endanger their podium spots. All or nothing. Willing to risk losing to win.”

Ok, time to hop on the windtrainer and think about which book I’ll start next!

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