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Thai Living

So I’ve been here in Krabi just over a week now….very happy to be back in training camp, back with my old team mates and getting to know the new ones. It’s funny how after a week together you feel like you’ve known each other your whole life. One big happy family.:-)

I’m loving the hot 40+ degree weather here everyday, swimming 50m instead of 25yds like I do back home, and biking 4+ hrs while seeing only 1 traffic light. I also love the cheap $9 massages, and the watermelon and cocunut that cost less than a dollar on the side of the road. The one thing I’m not a big fan of are the dogs that seem to appear out of nowhere in every size, shape and colour. I’ve been called crazy but I swear the white ones are the ‘chasers’. I take off in a sprint whenever I see one to avoid having the seat of my pants torn off!

I’ll get around to posting more pics later, but here’s one of the four elephants who live about 100m down the road – Elvin, Ellie, Edith and Ernie. For the next 2 months I figure they deserve to have names…


And this is Thai-Bo, the cute hotel cat who I’ve been known to feed on occassion…he’s a little scrawny so I’m helping him beef up a bit.


More pics coming in my next blog….

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