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Thai Dining « Donna Phelan's Blog


Thai Dining

One of the good things about having camp in Thailand is that food is quite good and very cheap to buy. You can buy a watermelon on the side of the road for a dollar, chicken on a stick for 75 cents, and a container of rice for 30 cents. Of course, it’s easy when you know what you’re buying. The difficult part comes at the supermarket – analyzing packages of food labelled in a foreign alphabet is like buying a grab bag and hoping you get something good inside! Sometimes it’s a good surprise and other times, well, not so much.

There’s a restaurant about 40min by bike from the hotel, and I often wonder if something was lost in translation when they named it. The sign says “Cabbages and Condoms”…Did they mean “Cabbages and Carrots”? Cabbage for dinner and a surprise for dessert? Hmmm, not sure I’ll be trying that place anytime soon.


Last night we went to the street market in Krabi Town for dinner. Lots of different stalls selling many different types of food, and cheaper than you could make it yourself I’m sure. I give a thumbs up to the BBQ chicken skewers. Tereza’s Pad Thai wasn’t bad either. Hiro and Maki’s quail eggs….umm, not so much.



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