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A Wacky Week « Donna Phelan's Blog


A Wacky Week

I’ve been here in Krabi now for just about 6 weeks. Every week is pretty much the same – lots of eating, sleeping and training – but for some reason, last week seemed to have more strange happenings than usual.

In the middle of the week, Christine and I went grocery shopping and were looking for a cab to take home. Only 2km but with heavy groceries and tired legs, I obey the rule – “Don’t walk when you can drive, Don’t stand when you can sit, Don’t sit when you can lie down”. So we hailed down a truck/bus/taxi on the side of the road and said “Tawanthai Hotel”? A quick nod of the head and we were in the back of the pick-up truck with a couple of other passengers. Well, instead of turning onto our usual road, the truck kept going and going and going. After a number of stops, and 30min later, we’re in Krabi Town in front of the “Thai Hotel” with the driver waiting for us to hop out. Umm, I don’t think so. Well, to make a long story short, our usual 2k drive home turned into an hour long scenic tour….not what we were looking for in between training sessions, but one for the memory books I suppose.

With Christine and Beck, on one of our usual 2km grocery excursions.

With Christine and Beck, on one of our usual 2km grocery excursions.

The next day, a rainstorm with thunder and lightning blew through Krabi in the late afternoon. By 7pm, power was out although the hotel manager assured us it would last only 10min. By 9pm, still without power and A/C, sleeping was impossible. After finishing my book by candle light, I decided to chip away at the ice cave that had gradually become my freezer over the last few weeks. Once my defrosting mission was complete, by 10pm I went to bed with a large chunk of ice (the remnants of an ice pack from my freezer) lying on my stomach. I somehow slept like this until 11pm when the beautiful sound of the A/C whirring back to life signaled that our sauna session was finally over.

The next day was Saturday, and we had one of our longer and harder days of training. By 5pm most of us were feeling like zombies, but we still had a short run to do before calling it a day. Wongstar must have been in a hurry because she was the first out of the change room and into her running shoes. A few minutes later she comes back in and hauls off her loose tank top, “Oops, forgot my sports bra”. Heehee.

Run was done and we were all getting ready to head home. I was waiting for Tereza, and she starts to walk away from the pool with her bike helmet on. Umm, aren’t you going to take your bike with you? It might be a little faster that way. Heehee.

To finish off the week, one of the hotel kittens who had gone MIA a couple of weeks ago suddenly reappeared. No sign of the other 3 from the litter, so we’re keeping a close eye on this 3 week old bundle of fluff. Beck’s letting it live part time in her room until it’s wobbly little legs aren’t so wobbly anymore.


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