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Random Acts of Craziness

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

A couple of days ago I had an email from a girl who used to be on my swim team when I was a kid. She recently started doing triathlons and I get an email from her from time to time asking about training, racing, which tri bike to buy, etc. This week, her question was along the lines of feeling tired and grumpy….the thought of going training is a bit of a mental struggle…is this normal?….do pro’s feel like this?

I remember a wise doc a few years back telling me the story of Rob Decastella answering a reporter’s question “Are you tired?”. His answer…”I get up in the morning tired and go to bed very, very tired. 50 weeks of the year. But it’s a price I gladly pay because 2 wks of the year I am the best in the world. And I am lucky because there are a lot of athletes as good as me out there who are not prepared to pay that price so I beat them every time in those two weeks.”

For me, peculiar things start to happen when I’m in the middle of training camp, when I’m perhaps not my usual most alert self. This past week was no exception. At the beginning of the week, I was riding down the mountain, waiting to pass through the tunnel about half way down. Pretty soon I was at the bottom with no recollection of having gone through the tunnel. I don’t suppose they moved it? There’s no way I could have gone through it. Then on Wednesday I was out riding and was convinced it was Saturday. And what did I do yesterday? Then a couple of nights ago, I had a dream about the cat who hangs around outside my apartment building. In my dream, this cat’s name was Kitzen. I think perhaps I was thinking about going to the kitchen for my middle of the night snack? Sometimes the brain fatigue is worse than the body fatigue.;-)


So the answer to my friend’s question? Yes, being tired from training is pretty normal. And may be accompanied by random acts of craziness.