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My New Favorite Ride

Monday, September 27th, 2010

My long bike and my long run are my two favorite workouts of the week. I love heading out on my bike for a long ride, especially when the weather is hot and sunny. Two weeks ago I discovered a new bike loop which is actually a pretty famous long ride in San Diego called “The Henshaw Loop”. The marine layer near the coast a couple of weeks ago was thick like pea soup, and seeking the sun and hotter temps, I ventured inland a couple of Saturdays ago. I loved this ride so much that I had to go back again this Saturday, and I wasn’t disappointed – sunny and 110 degrees, great climbing and quiet roads. I’m actually a bit disappointed to be starting my taper for Hawaii soon, but I’ll be back to the Henshaw Loop again soon. Here are some pics from my Saturday ride….

This is the first long 25 min climb, from San Diego County to Ramona.

Lots of spectators heading from Ramona to Santa Ysabel. I’ve never seen camels outside of a zoo before….definitely not while I was growing up in eastern Canada!

Stopping in Santa Ysabel at the famous Dudley’s Bakery. The map shows where we’re headed….almost at the half way point. I love this ride.

Heading around Lake Henshaw towards Palomar Mountain on the same loop 2 weeks ago. It was right around this point in the ride when I almost fell off my bike. A little dehydrated and dreaming of a nice cold dip in the lake, this strange creature jumped out in the middle of the road. I had visions of being attacked by a huge beak and eaten for dinner…..only to be told after my mild panic attack that it was “only” a wild turkey. Aside from this potential wild turkey attack, definitely my favorite long ride ever.

The Beginning of the End of Summer

Monday, September 6th, 2010

This weekend is the long Labor (Labour in Canada) Day Weekend in North America. Although summer doesn’t officially end for another couple of weeks, this weekend unofficially marks the end of summer vacation. When I was a kid growing up in Canada, I dreaded the end of Labour Day which marked the beginning of the school year. Since moving to San Diego a few years ago, Labor Day has now become one of my favourite holidays of the year – tourists finally go back to wherever they came from, the beaches clear out, and I no longer fear having my head chopped off by a car door suddenly flying open in the bike lane.

But the thing I love most about this time of year is that summer’s not really over. It can stretch on into October. And if I hop on my bike and head inland, it can last for another couple of months….A long ride on a hot day and it doesn’t get much better than that. So I’ve put away my cold weather Swiss riding clothes that I brought home a couple of weeks ago and I’ve taken out my warm weather clothes again. Summer’s just begun…

*The “Cardiff Kook” about a mile from where I live. The locals dress it up for different occasions, making fun of his “not so sporty surfing style”. This weekend, he’s dressed up as Zorro with a hat and sword.

*The summer flowers are hanging on while the pumpkins are pushing for October to come. Be patient pumpkins, it’s not your time yet.

*Though fall is not too far off.