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November in a Blur « Donna Phelan's Blog


November in a Blur

It’s been a month and half since Hawaii, and I’m puzzled about where the time went? Yesterday it was October, and now suddenly it’s the end of November. I can’t recall 6 weeks passing by? Maybe I fell asleep and hibernated? Or I’ve heard that time flies when you’re having fun, so maybe that’s what happened.

In either case, today is Thanksgiving Day in the US, and I woke up even more confused thinking that perhaps I had slept through the month of December as well. I grew up with Thanksgiving being a much smaller holiday in Canada, but in the US it appears to be the beginning of the Christmas season. This four day holiday marks the beginning of Christmas decorating, parties, shopping, eating and anything else associated with being joyous and merry. I guess I should just give in and enjoy the season since tomorrow I might wake up and it will be January.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You to my coach and team for all the great memories from the past year.

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