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Warning, swordfish on the board!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

While I am preparing and packing for the training camp in Philippines,

(running over Budapest city for my surviving kits, like extra big pull-buoy for Brett request, spear goggles, tires , swimming suits. I heard some rumors about 3 swimming session per day, so I went for chloride resistance types instead of “fast-skin” ones, feared the swimming pool will be my home for the next weeks. Also got some cute, PINK, swimming caps with fish design, its have even little fins! The Hungarian kids are loving them, so I guess everybody will want one there too…..bad news for the team members with big head, it is only exist in children size. Also will look good on the Pilipino kids. I cleaned my Camel-bag. It is the usual battle between me and the germs in my water battles….in case of the Camel no brushes can help so I went for the chemical weapon: Clorox, probably not a fair solution but fast and effective. Do not forget to wash it over few times with clean water.)

I make time for an another request, doing my internet work, well it is the part of my new job from now. As I have not many messages on the web-forum yet, I go for writing my first blog in my life, in English!

I decided to write about how come to me to join to the Team TBB. It is started when last summer on the press conference of Challenge Triathlon Roth they made me sitting next to a handsome blondy guy. The conference was long and boring enough so I could examine the blondy from my corner of my eyes. Not much later lamenting about my swimming inability, he said: “My coach can teach swimming everybody!”, I asked surprised who is your coach?! The answer “Brett Sutton” hit me. NO. It is started BEFORE.

Last year in this time we had an argument with Benny (Vansteelant) about the “Sutton” method. We did not know Brett personally but as absolute everybody knows him in the triathlon world we knew enough for talk about. Benny’s point was what he and his team is doing is GREAT. My point was why I would train double or triple times harder if I still can challenge his athletes?! He got the final point saying who mind challenging them, if you would leave your comfort zone you could beat them. My mathematics brain counted; double-triple effort for a little difference?! Yeah, if a little difference makes that Difference…..

Benny had an annoying habit, he was always right.

Why Luke’s answer hit me. Because I got the answer I looked for in the past year, slowly converting from duathlons to triathlons. Need a super coach with a super team. More, I need the best from both.

But my head as strong as rock, I still believed there is more than one road to the top.

Panoramic road, that was what I liked, so I visited the blondy in Leysin only by romantic reasons. I made him some headache by my skeptical and critical observations. Probably that was my last, desperated try to defend my well built, comfy athletic world.

The next few weeks, months brought real drama into my life. With losing Benny in a bike-car accident I lost almost everything. He was lot more than a friend, he was my rock, my inspiration, my “family”.

My plain ticket to Hawaii was bought before the accident, so I went there scoring a good (for me) swimming, slow riding and a surprising (started running from 29th position) good marathon running, finishing 10th. Got my place for next year. I saw the PROOF, she is called Chrissie Wellington. Than I decided there will be next year! Well, I have nothing else in this life to live for. And as I am 34 years old already, probably have no time for touristing my panoramic road, so here I am, taking the STRAIGHT road, up.

I would appreciate all of your patient and help pushing me up, up by going strong.

See you soon, Erika