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I AmErika

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

If you had known that Hungary lost all of her battles and wars in the past 500 years, then you would no longer wonder why hungarians are so tough…..

Preparing for all upcoming battles of the tri world I spent the last 5 weeks training in the Philippines with Team TBB and our coach.

Joining the team gave me a great opportunity to train with half of the world’s best long distance girls, and I can assure you it’s with the better half!

Going to the Californian 70.3 triathlon, I was facing the “rest of the best”. If I counted well , there were 4 triathlon World Champions, plus 2 duathlon World Champions (this is including me) lined up to start. No wonder I spent the last night sleepless, all excited about the race.

I did my usual nice, but not too speedy swim start: I found myself alone between 2 groups. At the half-way turning bouy the pack of 8 lost a bit of direction, so I was finally able to catch up and cruise “home” on their backs. (In this situation it’s always advisable to try to join the front group and not wait or drop back to the one behind you.)

Not a spectacular swim, but solid, and “only” 2 and half minutes behind the main pack.

I lost another half minute with my usaual transition clumsiness, this time it was not my wetsuit but my cycling shoes. I opted for road shoes instead of a triathlon one and I had a hell of a time putting them on, I even had to get off the bike to fix them.

I finally settled down on my Cervelo rocket – I found the hidden switch-on button. The key to the magic – put a bib number on me, flapping on my back.

My first big scalp was the defending ITU duathlon long distance world champion after a few kilometers. My only thought was, that she’s having a bad day. Soon, around 25 kms I passed Mirinda, the recent 70.3 world champ biking along with Samantha. Unfortunately (for them) I got them on an uphill so I passed them with Ease (with a capital E). I did not attack them, my legs were simply loaded with the power of a horse – thanks to those countless hill repeats. Here I got alarmed for going too fast…?

Instead of pushing more I kept myself back a bit, thinking it’s too early to give everything. Around half-way I got a glimpse of something pink ahead of me, still careful, I pulled myself up on those hills to arrive at the front with around 30 kms to go.

Joining the leading girls- Michellie and Leanda -I finished my “chasing mode” and switched on to “racing mode”. This was my mental battle with the animal inside of me.

Sitting behind them, yawning, I kept telling my devil:- “NO! We do not attack them!” -”We need more time to put on the fast runners (Mirinda and Sam)!” – “We are also runners, so we know how to play this game! Sit on your butt, keep your legs for the run! -”I want to show our back to these girls!” -”NO! We do not impress anybody, not the girls, not the spectators arriving first into T2, we want to win this race!!!”

Mixed up with these girls, who all had a reputation of being fast runners, it was quite hard to wait and play the game, but I would have been silly to attack them and risk everything for a few seconds that I could have gained on the lat flat section of the course.

Arriving to the transition all together I was able to control the race from the front – it is always easier than chasing from behind. It was me who dictated the pace and I never looked back, but of course I kept my eyes on Mirinda even though I felt no danger, I was feeling great.

Finishing first I was surprised how “easy” it was, but it is always the same, when you are strong, everything seems easy.

I guess I surprised many, except those few in the Philippines. Am I surprised? Not really. I am getting to know my limits and potentials better, without fooling myself. I still have loads to improve to achieve my dreams both in sports and in life, but now I got a huge tail-wind knowing I am on the right path.

I wanted to thank you all for your help with this win (I will do Arizona IM for my own pleasure :-)

Keep up the awesome work in Subic, way to go!

Next weekend watch out for Chrissie spanking the cangurus!

Miss Coco-Godspeed

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

If the thesis is true “we are, what we eat” then I have coconut water running through my veins, have a big red papaya heart (soft and sweet) and my body? Probably from Meat Plus peanut butter….well it is time to say goodbye for Subic Bay after a hard 5 weeks training camp. Definietly the food what I will miss from here on the first place.

Oh yes, I will miss the guys and girls too, however I will take with me my most intimate friend-the Pull B(u)oy…

I will miss -my cosy jet-stream line in the swimming pool, my personal jacuzzi between the countless 25 meters repeats,

-the morning hill repeats on the bike with cheering monkeys on the side- board,

-the smell of the melting track with half naked guys shiny from sweat (in wet pants).

But it is time to go! America is waiting for me. (sorry another english word joke: I AmErica….)

Nicely moved up onto a rocket (called Cervelo) equipped with funny looking, noseless ISM saddle, HydroTail and toy -light HED wheels; dressed up in sexy pink-panterish team outfit, I feel ready to make some demage in the USA.

However I am afraid I will look like a very cool american age-group triathlete and will lose my exotic hungarian charm.

Seriously, I had a great 5 weeks here, learning and sweating much, feeling strong.

Thanks for everybody here for the company,the support, the help pushing me with swimming, riding, running next to me, front of me, behide me….YESS!

See you Subic in September? and see you guys in Switzerland!

Watch out the results of Californian 70.3 and IM Arizona