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My best paid brick « Erika Csomor's Blog


My best paid brick

I had many good reasons to take part on the Hungarian Middle distance Triathlon Champs.

Besides doing strong brick training and I also wanted to show up with my pretty bike and wheel set, demonstrating I am still ‘real’ and Hungarian by my heart.

I save you going too excited about the result, I won it easily however I generated some surprise, so probably I am still considered as not “real” (normal).

Let’s start with the beginning when I put my rocket into T1: my funny seat got already some attention by it’s name: ISM. It is the signal of the highly criticized Hungarian Sport Ministry. Not cool even to sit on it….

Before jumping into the water, I want to warn you about Hungarian races: they could be funny.

The swim course was already funny….

Imagine a small lake with a labyrinth, marked with pool lanes. It was quite clear from outside, from the bird-view.

Starting in waves into the one-way course, I got a confident start with a bunch of Hungarian girls. I was very excited and lactic swimming with the first small group (with those who were faster last year) when we lost track.

When a bunch of girl get confused and making wrong decision- you can be sure- it because of boys! We faced with some guys swimming in our direction on the one-way course….so our front girl turned direction crossing the lane…I was pretty sure we are going the wrong way but I was too determined to keep with the front group and a bit coward to swim against the “current”.

(Same in life, many times I am just following the mass- knowing we are on the wrong direction- because I am tired of going alone even if it is the right way…lesson to learn, stick to your right even when everybody else would think different)

So I followed them with less enthusiasm into the “dead end”. Little panic, then I told them to follow me and I took them back into the right direction making some short cut…. I was sure about our DQs, but with the mess, nobody realized that some competitors finished the swimming by an alternative way.

We lost only a little time thanks to me. It would be the main point of the race for me-practice the open water swim in wetsuit, pity it turned into orientation swim.

On the 4 laps bike course the chaos continued. Thanks to the narrow out and back course it became “Tour de Hongrie”, a draft fest. I did not mind it- I cut my way trough riders and cars like knife the butter.

I also wanted to try out some nutrition ideas of mine. One of them was removing the wraps of bars before the race -because throw away trashes is forbidden (not in Hungary yet). I formed some neat Powerballs what is melted down with the rest of the countain of my little frame bag.

My fellow competitors -sticking to my wheel- were shocked to see me sucking the air cartridge…as feeding myself :-)

Sometimes forgetting about myself at the aid station I asked for water saying “water please!” While I am only could dream and count in Hungarian, my competition language became English?!

I had a comfortable lead into the run so I was “jogging” the half marathon while I entertained others in and outside of the course.

I wanted to save my pretty legs for the next and NEXT weekend when I will toe to the start water-line on Ironman 70.3 in Austrian and Switzerland.

The high-light of the day was the prize giving. In Hungary it is always fun.

Beside some good old Hungarian forint -as a pocket money- we used to get some surprise- presents as well. In the past I got already wild-pig skin, marble table, sugar -equals to my weight (the public scaling was quite embarrassing). This year I was surprised with a free rental of a caravan.

Cool! I was considering to take it to Leysin but I could not see myself driving a caravan up and down in the Swiss mountains with a mobile toilet inside…

Further adventures of this ‘unreal’ creature is coming soon when I will facing some more crazy girls.

Au revoir!

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