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Yvonne wanted dead or alive! « Erika Csomor's Blog


Yvonne wanted dead or alive!

Bravissimo Massimo!

Forgive me to start my race report with the guys. Not only because the Italian gigolo was the fastest on Ironman 70.3 in St.Polten, but also very handsome and just my type. (Both in loooking and as an athlete) He is a bad swimmer, quite good in cycling and a killer runner! (we have already so much in common! :-) )

As a former cyclist he has potential. Hmmm. Can we take Italian guys into the team to lift up the spirit and work ethic of the girls, like me?

Ok, let´s continue with the chick´s race. You can understans as last year´s winner and this year´s second placed girl I am less excited about the female champion…

Yvonne and me (as former duathletes) we have some decent years back together ( I mean against each-other).

Our relationships is very steady and honest: if I beat her-she does not talk to me, if she beat me than I do not talk to her….as there is no third way because we definitely will not finish any race with hand in hands-it will be like this forever…

I got the first adrenalin shock 10 minutes before the start gun: I ripped off the zip of my pinkish panther suit (by accident!) Wowww…a V-neck down till my belly button, it was gonna be a bonus track to the spectators! Bad news for the picture collectors, I managed to have a top under the suit so…not so excited, but a smack to the aerodynamics.

We lined up on the pontoon. Yvonne took the very spot right behind me, it was the biggest compliment about my swimming so far! :-) Well, I did the job for her-I pulled straight our little gruop in the first lake. Yes, there was a second lake too, after 200-300 meters wetsuit running. Luckily someone took over my charge so I managed to swim 1 minute faster than last year.

The riding was kind of tactical-soon the first 5 girls jammed together caused almost a drama for me on the narrow downhill section- the media and refrees with full apparent wanted to record the action, so I almost crashed into one of them.

Well, the race and Yvonne VV went away on the long uphill section! Poor me, my climbing reputation is spoiled…

I got 1 and half minute into T2 from the leading 2 girls. I felt ok on the running but the Dutch girl still made more time on me so I got to go for the second place, and the German girl still did not give it easy, but she had to :-)

I knew I was not in top shape but still a bit sad to break my winning series…

My next meeting with YVV is in Roth, where she is the defending champion and where Team TBB is start with 3 girls. Hillary, Belinda and me (it is not a relay team, but we certainly would have some chances in this order! :-) )

I am thinking to having a new Xterra wetsuit there (is anybody from Xterra wetsuit reading this?)-the VENDETTA! Because I like to give names to my actions…

Dear Yvonne, if you read this, you are wanted, dead or alive!

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