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Star Wars, episode 1.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Far, far away in the Swiss galaxy

on a green planet covered in fog -called Leysin – a bunch of Jedis

are preparing for the coming soon intergalactic wars all across in Europe…

We send our Princess of Kona, Chrissie (with Kona being a highly-desired exotic planet far, far away) to
Frankfurt battle the German clone army and spreading the message, 2008 is The Return of the Jedi!

However it is just a prelude to the big Star Wars. While our two droids, the small R2D2 (a.k.a. Becky P.) and the lanky C3PO (Donna Ph.) will attack the Zurich planet plus our Jedi couple (Bella Comeforte and Steve Bypass)- hand in hand- will cover the Klagenfurt planet, we gave the main hit to the “Death Star” called ROTH with 6 Jedis: Princess Biscuit, Beli G., Hanna Solo (it is me!) and Luke Skywalker (alias Dragstra), Just in and Chewbacca (alias Big Sexy)!

Our master, Yoda (alias Doc, less green but the tummy is correct) is one of the very last masters of the Force that makes sure no Jedi will go into the war unprepared.

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Do you remember the part of the movie when the little cheeky master jumped on the Jedi’s back and made him run up and down?! Take that one! Or the Jedi had to hit the target with blindfold on? Take that one too….

A triathlon Jedi has some special exercises too. First in every single day, fight the pool –it’s called swimming- with different torture variations like the Master band your legs, where you have to go only with your hands, or the pilot lessons, when you have to ride your rocket, wild fast in tight formation, taking the corners with speed, up and down, (mostly UP!!!) then running in rounds till you get dizzy. Then, the Jedis take their backpacks. And since we have one master but many Jedis, he will not jump into any of our sacks.

Instead, he will put several “BRICKs” into our pack and make us get back onto our rockets and go UP!!!

Training like a Jedi is not always fun. We are all covered with some bruises and patches but we are still going hard. We already defeated the big Dark Weather, so the Sun is covering our small green planet again!

The Force be with You!

Coco Chanel

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

WHY? (1.)

Why 3 half- ironman distance races in row?

Just because:

- I am a woman, who goes to the shoes- shop “really” needing a pair of shoes and coming back with 3 pairs….(simply not being able to choose witch one)

- Therefore (with this shopping attitude) I always welcome some pocket money…

- Needing to look around on the “market” , regarding both sexes…

- I am being silly, and always forget to check the competitor- list before entering a race…

- I am Erika.

(If you want to have a more detailed race report, check out the result- list with splits, Nicola’s blog and whatever you can find about the race on our team’s website.

Shortly: we, the long distance girls were beaten up hard by two short distance girls, who are happen to be the best cyclists in the triathlon circuit and not only “wet runners”…

I was still happy covering the back-field and stand up onto the podium in my pretty shoes…)

WHY? (2.)

Why the head line?

Since my last blog, I got some offers about hiding ads into my popular stories.

I got the smelliest one from the famous perfume company so they got the head-line.

Why Coco?

I got a new nickname here in the team, it is originated from Coconut (what is one of the toughest nuts and my favorite) NOT from cocaine (as “coco” is the Hungarian nickname for this drug)!!!

We like the name, so both Belinda and I already thinking to name our future daughter Coco. However if I will ever have a son I will give him an old, historical Hungarian name: Almos, it means: “Sleepy”.

I think it is pretty cool- while other nations have “Alexander the Great”, “Ivan the Bloodthirsty”-the greatest Hungarian conqueror simply called “Sleepy”. He was the biggest one of those seven leaders of different Hungarian tribes who occupied the Carpathian Pool more than 1000 years ago. The names of these seven were one of the first things we had to know by heart on our history lesson. However I and almost every kid (quite under stable at age of 7) were mixing up them with Disney’s dwarfs. (How Snowwhite wakes up the dwarfs? -7 UP!- Pepsi peeps, you know my bank account…)

So, as “Grumpy” was my favorite dwarf, I have never forgotten him out of the line for the biggest annoy of our teacher. She was kept telling us there was no “Grumpy” among our great-great fathers. However I think she was wrong! There was. The very same one already mentioned. Sleepy was the Grumpy, when they woke him up saying”-My Lord, it is time to conquer some!”

Every single morning going down to the swimming pool, I feel my great ancestor’s blood running through my veins: sleepy and grumpy- therefore ready for conquer.

Yes, we are working on the “Vendetta” project, just to give you a little update of my last blog. However the “Italian job” did not work out, yet. The team has some single girls, and as we are sharing everything (mostly information) among us, poor guy is scared away, I am afraid….so no happy end.

Next time….