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Felix Felicis

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Felix Felicis is a banned substance at any sport competitions in Harry Potter’s wizarding worlds.

However Challenge Roth is a magical event -the muggle NADA/ WADA/ DTU’s anti-doping list does not include it.

Thus, I started the race day at 3 a.m. with the golden liquid- a can of Red Bull. After few caffeine-free and therefore moody days, I felt immediately that this day was going to be perfect, the race of my life SO FAR…..

Indeed, looking out of the window, watching the purring rain – a mean grin settled upon my face- “Bye-bye skinny girls!”

-I managed to keep my home-stay family’s hyperactive cat from falling into my breakfast (the adolescent beast drove me crazy by chasing my air cartridges on the wooden floor, chewing trough my energy gels, tearing my bib number to pieces, and making persistent efforts to sleep with me …)

-I found the best parking spot -for someone, like me, who failed to pass her road test 4 times due to the inability to parallel park- that is a heart- lifting present. The 5th failure would have lead to a psychiatric exam- almost equal to a DQ

-I managed to pump up my tires without help-“look Ma, no hands!”-psssszzzz…..

-No waiting at the mobile toilets…

-Someone zipped me in my Vendetta without asking for a favor…thanx Guy!

-Best spot at the start, next to a Hungarian guy…

-Smoking start, no smacks, perfect position on the feet of my fellow Hungarian….

The only person I had to wrestle with was in yellow cap, the defending champion-Yvonne VV….At this point I began to suspect something had dropped in my magic potion, probably a cat’s hair…..

Well, we raced like Siamese-twins against each-other. I scored a brilliant 53 minutes, 4 minutes faster then last year, here! I emerged out of the water by Leanda Cave. Did she miss the start-gun by 5 minutes?! Well, the lanky British, as I found out later was racing with broken ribs. Nobody heard any complaints from her, but I guess- being the skinniest girl in the field, she must have had a hell of a day out there.

On the bike, more like normal twins, we stuck together no matter what. We shared the same goal-to not allow Belinda (who was riding in front hard) to get too far ahead, and stay within 10 minutes of her. On the second lap I had better legs and definitely climbed stronger, so I led most of the way.

I am not sure where we passed Rebecca Keat, but as we learned later, she stopped and asked for a jacket from Felix, the race director. By the rules that is an outside asistance-therefore DQ….???

Well, as Butch Cassidy said: “Rules?! In a knife-duell?!”

There was only 4 girls who did not complain about the rain- too busy racing- the Team TBB trio (Beli G, HiBiscus and me), and Yvonne who is used to Dutch weather.

At the beginning of the run, Felix informed us that we were about 7 minutes behind Belinda.

Here I strictly followed the Doc’s tactic of trailing Yvonne from 5 meters. “Why 5m?”- I asked?! “Because it is the most annoying distance.” We were both very confused by this tactic. I am a front runner, who prefers to make my race and she is as well, so what was I doing behind her?

Around 15 kms we passed Belinda who cheered me along and so did all the boys running in the other direction. Most of them signaled silently at the moment when Yvonne could not see anymore… J

Still, halfway through I started to feel uncomfortable with the speed and her cheer

leader from the other side of the canal, who were constantly yelling- 5 meters, 6, 5, 7, 8 , 5….After some clumsiness at the aid stations the gap widened. I felt it was too early to bring it on. I started to run my pace. At 35 kms I was already 2 minutes behind. On the last 3 kms, seeing my time I decided to go as hard as I could. I realized only at the finish line, that I still had some more left in my legs. Oh, well. I was happy with my time. 8:47:05!!! That is just my luck: I break an old-classic world-record and that very same day, someone does the same and finishes in front of me! Hmmmm. I guess I was not the only Witch in the field…and I will kill that cat!

What else can I say? Magical day, like always here in Roth!

Felix, Felicis!