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My Vision

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Once upon a time, (20 years ago exactly) when Powerman Zofingen was born it was like a fairy tale….

So the “parents” invited all the fairy God Mothers to give their blessing for the baby.

-There was the “organization” God Mother, so Zofingen has a very professional organization team who make his best for you to enjoy your race days in this small but charming town.

-There was the “race course” God Mother, of course, so Zofingen has hard but one of the most beautiful course in the world: Swiss mountains with purple cows on the bike course combined with steep forest trails.

-There was the “financial” God Mother (Rich Bitch) so Zofingen has always good sponsors who are standing behind this event and providing a handsome prize money!

-There was the “spectator” God Mother (Go-Go Girl) so Zofingen has a great and enthusiastic folk cheering you, especially on uphills- with umbrellas….

-There was the “competition field” God Mother, so Zofingen is blessed with having always a strong field- attracted by Rich Bitch’s gift…


They forgot to invite one…..the “weather” God Mother!!! Damn.

So while all the God mothers were giving their blessing she just stormed in, mad….you can imagine the rest…

Of course the “parents” kept this little Malheur in secret. (But as a fair play they used to put a rain- jacket into the race kit next to the bib number, pins and examples….with no comment)

So the infant Zofingen attracted big troops from all over the world. Bunch of crazy Americans lined up to the start line in their retro (it was cool that time) speedo and tank tops, next to the fully dressed (arm, leg warmers, gloves, caps, hot bottles) Swiss ones.

You can guess who was the king in the jungle? Olivier Bernhard, Urs Delsperger, at the queen front: Natasha Badman, Karin Thurig…all from Switzerland.

Ok, there was Paula Newby Fraser, Erin Baker, Mark Allen, Kenny Souza for occasional winners too….

But Zofingen also saw a few super-stars to melt down in the rain-I do not wanna mention names here J

Well, the author of this blog was there last Sunday like in the past 9 years, to defend her title and win it a 5th time in a row. There was not much to say about as the girls got a 53 minutes (counted on the previous 3 races male and female winner time difference) head start. Our hero, (it is me) headed out into the rain solo from the start gun. Did I mention Zofingen duathlon has a 80 % -chance for rain?! I saw nothing from the race as I have no eyes on my back plus they got wet ;-)

Well, honestly, it was boring. I prefer when there is a competition.

When I got back from the first lap in the second run (2X15 kms) I had zero desire to go up again ice skating and hiking on the muddy trails; however I had already 20 minutes advantage both on girls and boys. It was hard to find something to keep me motivated. I used the “visual” method, something positive to think about. Well, I could visualize my Mom’s face, the national flag, the personal glory or the Boss’s tummy but somehow I could not. Then I imagined green dollar bills in front of me, telling myself: come on girl, you will get a buck for every step….this was working, my pace and enthusiasm speeded up. (Do not get me wrong, I know money does not make me happier, but I am also aware how having or not having money makes different.) So I switched on “economical” mode-maximum speed you can get with least effort- you could call it shuffling and limping and I brought the race home.

HAPPY END- I was happy it ended….:-)

PS: Head line- I was just thinking maybe I can get a full page in the Triathlete mag , saying: This is my Vision….(I am racing with Vision anyway…)