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Shark tale

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

New year, new cap.

In 2008. as a Team TBB rookie- rockfish I was wearing my pink fishy swim cap and hanging on the tail of the slowest lane. If accidentally (mostly by lack of attention), I made the front, just swung my fishtail till the girls swam over of my top. L

I repeated the trick in Hawaii, hanging on the very tail of the biggest pack jammed with our girls, Bella, Donna, Beck + few Big Fishes. Hooked up, I excited the water 4 minutes earlier than previous year!


Driven by the glory and chloride water in my head this year I rewarded myself with a new cap. Voila!


Here in Sun Di ego, swimming with Donna’s masters, I got choppy water all the time: the lane is filled with whales, turtles, dolphins. Like a polite (and frightened) shark I made the tail of the line again and felt very hungry to bite those is coming to train with fins on!

Regarding the newbie additions, I will make the slowest lane again…..but pay attention, count your toes before leaving the pool…

Misery loves company

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

This is the year of the Ox (see Jocelyn blog), my year!!!

Sorry Monkeys, Rats or Pigs, I waited 12 year for this to come.

I am an Ox, a calm, strong, steady one, pulling the chart (a well loaded one) head down, horns up. The newbie kamikazes are bothering me as much as flies the beast J

Yes, a “water-Ox”. There is no swimming issue anymore, thanks for my hydrodynamic swim cap.

By the western astrology I am a Scorpion with Red Bull ascendens.

Believe me you do not wanna race this monster this year….

Oh, you have already your ticket and travel arranged to IM Malaysia?!…that sucks. Well, come for vacation, “Visit Malaysia 2009”. Misery loves company. I love company.

I take my little team with me as well: the Japanese double threat: Hiro Shima and Maki Hari ; Diesel Donna, Matt and Rei.

We wish the best mechanical luck for the rest of the Team TBB left over in Subic Bay!

Our wildest dreams can come true

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

I just came across this Hungarian novel written by Istvan Orkeny in 1966.

I only changed the names, the story seems timeless.

“Doc, have you noticed? The third dog isn’t pulling.”

“My whip can’t reach her.”

“In fact, it looks to me like she is limping.”

“Of course she is limping. She’s got only three legs!”

“Isn’t it ill advised to put a three-legged dog at the head of the team?”

“Have another look. All twelve dogs are three-legged.”

“Poor things. I feel sorry for them!”

“You should be feeling sorry for me. Have you any idea how hard it was to find twelve three-legged dogs?”

“I am no expert, but I’d have thought that a normal dog would pull this thing better.”

“Of course it would. But I’m a city boy. What would I do with twelve four legged dogs?”

“Are you afraid of them?”

“I’m even afraid of a mosquito. Nature must be treated with due respect. Let’s assume, just for the sake of argument, that these dogs have four legs. Let’s further assume that something suddenly drives them mad and they tear the reins from my hand…But it’s best not even to consider that.”

“I still don’t get it. If you are afraid of dogs, why do you have them pull your car?”

“Because I am a bad driver.”

“With a bit of practice you’d improve.”

“To a degree. But man and automobile are not equal partners.”

“Look around us. We’re the only car being pulled by a team of dogs!”

“So much the worse for the other cars! Man can’t keep pace with technology, no matter how hard he tries. He uses it, but deep down, he is terrified.”

“I’m not afraid of cars at all.”

“But this car can do a hundred and eighty kilometers an hour!”

“I love speeding cars. Please. Couldn’t we go faster?”

“Why are you so impatient? We left Vanilla two weeks ago, and we are already in Sonic Ray.” *

“Considering the twelve dogs, that’s not a big deal.”

“Oh, yes, it is. I pulled in the hand break before we set off.”

“Aren’t you overly cautious?”

“This is the speed we were created for.”

“But everybody’s staring at us!”

“Of course they’re staring. They’re jealous.”

“Their eyes are popping out of their heads!”

“No wonder, when they see that even our wildest dreams can come true.”

* The distance between Vanilla and Sonic Ray is approximately the same as the distance between Manila and Subic Bay, relatively short but takes some time.


Happy New Year to everyone!