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The prisoner of the spy net

Monday, June 22nd, 2009


We live dangerous times!

We are surrounded by spies!

Yesterday we got guests in our morning swim session, man and woman in black. The agents of WADA. They picked up our 2 top guns, Lucie and Lisbeth. Of course they wanted the bests. I felt a bit revolted, they did not want me…or maybe they opened their notebook at letter of “L”?

Then randomly (by choosing cards) picked two more, the lucky hands were our two steroid bombs: the 150cm philippina LC, (who is still adopting for the time difference, altitude, the freezing 20 degrees, plus the overwhelming cow shed smell), and Scottie our smallest guy (with the biggest heart) who is preparing for his very first IM. Again…

Believe me, they were the lucky ones, the Chosen Ones who could leave the pool for a certain time. I wished I would be one of them….

Few hours later, in the pouring rain we smashed our legs ( I mean we ran like mad- the order was running like if we would compete on the Cross-Country Worlds). We thought the rain and the mist would hide our effort on the big loop where the boss could not follow…

Then I saw our toilet and shower cleaner of the swimming pool, the smoking guy in the forest ,tried to hide under the umbrella and pretending he is doing a health and life style walking….but when incredulously I looked back at him, I saw him checking his watch….and there was something poking out in his pocket, I guess a walky-talky…

Then, again.

Comrades Bean, the Red Bean J, went into the pharmacies for a massage or pain relief cream for her legs. The shop keeper lady with pinky face and soft white hair (just like Miss Marple) refused to sell her any, saying: “you do not need it dear, keep training and you will get used to it…..” obviously a trained spy of the Boss.

Few years ago, the Boss made a research about the most useful car for this region. He chose, by reason, the most popular 4 wheels drive Citroen, in white color. Guess, why?

Every third people here drive this very same vehicle. Can you imagine how stressed out we are already from every freaking white Citroen?!

Comrades, it is time to acting up!

We welcome some donation for a secret electronic signal maker to place under the car’s frame. I guess we are not allowed to put a blue light on the top?