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Lance go home!

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

I am on Holiday. Yeah, back in camp, but on a different program.

For some time now I have injured myself- both mentally and physically- the boss recommended a rehab program: “Do whatever will make you feel good, enjoy your stay here, have fun, re-establish your yin-yang balance…”

B.S. as a zen master?! It must be the Wongstar influence….

Yes, I became too yang by trying too hard. I should have to work on my yin, the feminine side: being more soft, caring, creative (writing blogs…) and acceptable, instead of fighting, competing, controlling everything.

Hmm this program gonna be fun….

Next day the boss ordered me to go out cycling with the boys! I got so mad with him, how could he send me out with two yang when I have just started to work on my yin side…?!

Well, the boss is always right. Plus zen masters know better J

Our two best boys were riding very slowly, no competing, and chatting more than the girls (riding with Bella for example, we do not talk a single world on the whole way….guess why?)

I felt it is a unique opportunity to peep into the souls of some alpha males….(ok, I guess Stephen is more beta) I have never really figured out, what is INSIDE?

So I kept riding close to them and pointing my ears hard. No, I did not attack them today (but I did feel some urging yang ) I played Contador, he is my favorite rider, because he is the cutest…(Oh well, he is also riding quite well, yep: winning is sexy!) and no need to make more time on them, only to keep up J

So I was eaves dropping, quite difficult, because I also have broken English like Alberto, so I hardly even breathe in order to hear better…

So the number one topic was, guess what? The Tour of course….there were some smaller topics as well, but they only touched on them, clearly aware of my presence….but the most used word was “testosterone”

I guess it is all about testosterone for them…

For me a male’s soul is too simple to understand…

We played Tour.

Stephen had to be Wiggins….if he would not be married to Bella, I would think he is in love with this guy J (“Wiggins this, Wiggins that…”) All the British are peeing themselves for finally having a top rider in the overall…

James was Armstrong because they both have a thick neck ;-) plus they both own a huge fan club…

I was Contador of course…not attacking today.

The Tour has past, and the rain has already washed down the chalk graffiti from our training venues, but there are always some naughty ones who used permanent paint, so we still have some entertaining reading while climbing the mountains.

It goes like this:




HEART, HEART (I understand this, only wondering how the two sexiest guys in the peloton could also be the two best time trialists?)

Then there are some:


FRANK (that is one tough family)


PANTANI (???) (very permanent paint?)

Then my favorite:



(Completed with different paint, probably by French hands)


Although I am a true Contador fan, all my respect goes to Armstrong as well.

He re-animated the Tour, like he did with the circus’s elephant in his famous sponsor’s adds: breathed a new life into it!

Tomorrow the Tour is finished. Lance, you can go home! Mission accomplished!