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The Tom Sawyer trick

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Do you still remember Tom, who got ordered by his aunt to paint their fence?

Tom made the boring and long job attractive by selling it for his friends.

Something similar happened here in Kona. People got lined up and ready to pay fortunes for equipment, nutrition, travel expenses to come here to Hawaii- only to burn to ashes on the lava field…

I am also a Tomboy, with the same attitude, (like Tom had for fence painting) toward the bike cleaning and preparing for the Big Bike Check-in…..long and boring….

I had an idea. If WTC could perform the Tom Sawyer trick here, I could do the same with my bike cleaning….

I occupied the Cervelo booth on the Expo, taking my P3 on their bike rack and started the cleaning process.

Soon a line formed by spectators (quiet a crowd because the actions of the closing expo) who were only guessing which Team TBB girl is under the oil painted face?! I was a true spectacle.

While I was giving more signatures (+ oily finger prints) and photos than the day before on the official signature hour, I started advertising my bike cleaning by grinning and looking excessively happy!

Tom accepted presents for letting his friends to paint a little bit, like marble ball, dead cat on string….etc…

I could live without all these, so I offered the cleaning sponge them (regarding the expo closing) FREE!!!

Well, the world is full of fools.


I found a guy who stood by me (turning the pedal while I put oil on the chain, etc) for an hour.

I asked if he is athlete too? He said he is a sponsor…???

Then he pointed out the booth just opposite us, he was from the very concurrency!

He was actually an industry spy!

He wanted to know top secret things like who gonna win the race tomorrow!?

I am a loyal to Cervelo so I DID NOT tell him!


Later on I pushed my Pretty into the transition under the eyes of so many spies (who were counting how many bike goes with different bike parts etc…) and score ONE for Cervelo, Oval bars, ISM saddle and LG helmet!


Having fun tomorrow….