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Be good, if you can… « Erika Csomor's Blog


Be good, if you can…

Do you often late from trainings, cut down the warm down, pee into the pool, drafting on the races or throw away empty gel foils?!

Well, this year you will get NOTHING from Team TBB’s Santa! And that is the minimum….

After the II. World War, communists decided they put order even the heroes of the fairy tales…rising up a tough and mental healthy generation.

They sack Santa Claus for example. Santa was formed in the memory of Saint Nicholas.

They reformed him, keeping in perspective the kids need a motivating figure who bring them present and candies IF they behaving good…

They removed the religious stuffs like the cross from his hat, his stick, plus his faithful servants, the devils….

Why a saint hanging around with devils?! There must be a story for that. Personally, I believe, everyone walking with a devil and an angel both side, whispering all the time.

I would listen, if I would know…..which one is which….?

So the devils, like religious items are gone. Poor old guy was happy when he could keep his dress at least. The red outfit was all right… J

He got a new name, Uncle Winter and a new servant: Miss Snowflake, a young and blond beauty in silver white.

Interestingly enough, the new employee did not cause any revolution among the Russian Daddies… ;-)

Hungarians-of course- followed the new, official trend only… Only Hungary is still a “matriarchate”. (It means, in the family, the women rule)

Moms declared: Miss Snowflake is a bitch!

“We snowflakes are unique, there is no two of us alike!” –haha, do you believe in this nonsense?! Prove it!

Moms stuck to the devils. There must be a threat for naughty kids. If the kids are good, they get present, if they are not: they get beat from the devils!

Well, that is an education.

America, for example, where every kids get presents from the Santa, no matter what, will only dig a path to having a soft and spoiled nation…

In Hungary life is not marshmallow.

So, the official Santa version is in Hungary in 2009, approved by the Hungarian parents, is:

Santa is coming to the kids by reindeer sledge (his name is Rudolf and he has a soft nose. I mean the reindeer…If you have kids, you know the details are important) parking at the front door. No way, Santa is coming down in the chimney!!! Such a dangerous idea…

He put his presents into the shiny-clean boots (They are personally cleaned by the kids. No, it does not count as children laboring…it is only black mailing) on the door mat. Santa does not enter the house!

Not with his snow-wet boots….

If the kids did not behaved good, they will get something only from the devils.

Nowadays, interestingly, the modern Santas are sporting devils very much look like Halle Berry’s catwoman: ladies in all black spandex, sexy tail, spiky whip….Take that Russian daddies!

In my time, the devils left behind (if they could not get hand on us) chocolate devils.

But we, shameless kids enjoyed eating those candies as much as those got from the Santa…So, chocolates devils disappears from the commercial and now devils are only delivering whip. A small, symbolic one, of course. It not so bad, only taste like…like whip?

The kids are supposed to put their candies into the window to show to the neighbors and other kids how good they were, by the number of the chocolate figures. They must keep them in the window as long as they can handle…I know kids who are managed to keep them till Easter! Insane.

With this, Hungarian parents made way to no sugar rush, cavity plus teaching discipline. The genial thing, it is all based on the vainity of their own offspring.

There are big kids still needing disciplines…

Here is my little collection so far, I put into my window….


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