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The Italian job

Who would disagree triathlon is not art?

In the end of the XV.th century a wealthy merchant gave a visit to a young artist “Michelangelo Who” and placed an order for an art object. (He must be cheap!) Whatever object….

His wife sent him for this mission, because every noble household own some art, to show their position in the society.

The young master made him a beautiful round painting, the so called Doni Madonna.

When the merchant came for it, he got hysteric.

Such a sacrilege, this shameful picture can not enter their house! He paid nothing and left with empty hand….only to come back on the next day…

His wife ordered him back, because she already took pride in the new treasure of the house front of her friends.

Michelangelo- also angry now- asked the double of the previous prize. Something like 100 ducats. (Difficult to convert, but it would be something like 100 USD ?)

Merchant back to home, no deal.

Merchant back to Michelangelo. Deal.

Then Mrs. Merchant indeed hided the “ugly” picture in the dark corner….

Some long years later, the same merchant visited the already famous Michelangelo again with a new order: a portrait about him and his lovely wife.

He got Michelangelo very busy and annoyed with his request, so he said NO for him.

The merchant got hysteric again hearing this, after all HE discovered the master and placed him his first serious order before anyone. Such ungratefulness…

Michelangelo wanting to get rid of him, pointed at his young fellow, who was always hanging around him copying his works as a practice.

-He will do it for you Signore.

-How rude you are Master, you send me over to a young beginner! Do you guarantee he will do it all right?

-Yes. You can take my word. Let me to introduce you to Signore Raffaello….

The lesson of this little story is the fact some bastard born to be lucky, they could not help on it…

The question of this story is how come that geniuses like a Michelangelo Buonarroti , a Raffaello Santi and a Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked at the same time and the same place?

Coincidence that Firenze, this Italian town, gave them nest in the same time?

What brought them higher and higher, what motivated them to overdo each other?

What make history, art, politics, evolution to push itself forward?

What make sport results, world records falling down?

It is so simple?


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