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The Hungarian waxing

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

(careful, this blog is HOT!)

Well, after the Brazilian waxing I present you the new waxing method, the Hungarian way….

However I have no idea why and what the Brazilians are waxing in the jungle, this winter we Hungarians had a nice reason for waxing!

It is all about lubrication or like Jonnyo would say: “ ROLLING RESISTANCE!”

Well, Canadians snows better about sliding-gliding. This little blog is not for them!

All you need is:

-LOVE (for cross-country skiing)

-Left over candles (wax) from Xmas for the romance

-hot iron (from junk market, better to buy it cold)

-oh, yes, your sexy toy (the ski!)

1.step: Melt some candles in the sacrificed pot…the color of the wax should have to match your ski or your eyes…

2.step: Spread the melted wax up onto the sole of the ski with something

3.step: Warm up the iron and with slow movements, smooth the wax onto the ski and let it froze!

Very simple.

What? Special colored wax for different type of snow? The temperature of the iron and the smoothing direction?

No worry, you have 50 % chance to do it right. You do it right or wrong.

Well, you are not preparing for the winter Olympics! Right? You only need to get fitter, so what you can lose?

Anyway, even the pros are “miswaxing” themselves very often, or at least this is the most common excuse…now you can use this exc-use!