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The Beach

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Or why I am not going to go to Krabi…

I just see what going to happen….

First everything will be sweet and sunny, the old team members embrace the newbies-helping, support and teaching them. The newbies will show great respect for the old ones, the Boss will treat everybody equal and fair.

Soon everybody going to be friends and they are living and training like a big happy family in this exotic paradise.

Every ones will improve fast and the Boss will be satisfied.

The first little cirrus cloud will appear few weeks later when the Thai masseur will tear Kate’s hamstring by accident. From this point things will happen fast.

Brando will suffer a shark attack while he is fishing in the water and the shark will bite off his arm.

(Of course the Boss will not accept this excuse for skipping the swim training….)

Things will turn real bad when Wongstar will be lost on the island during her usual marathon. By accident she will discover (and try) a top secret weed field guarded by armed bad guys. She hardly escapes – thanks for her bulletproof camelback and her speed!!!

This time few of the guys will try to escape the island but they will discover their passport is stolen by the Boss. (only safe keeping )

One night the bad guys will attack the camp and only few will escape by swimming to the next island….

It is written!

Oh no, thanks,  this camp is not for me….

P.s.: Ok, I am only jealous….

Good luck and have fun there…..