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The Lion Kids

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Forgive me to adapt the title from Irwin Shaw, but the story is original.

Budapest is not quiet like L.A. or New York City but we also have traffic jams minus carpooling. Still, after the running session usually I pick up the youngest boy and drive him home- living close to each-other, saving him from the adventure of the public transportation but not from Coco’s life lessons….

The drive offers a great opportunity to talk about important things like, training and how to seduce a girl for example…

Almost running over a lady on the pedestrian crossing I told him how good idea is just hit the chosen girl, then that would provide “obligatory” dates as taking her to hospital, bringing her flower then ask her out as a remedy…etc….he said I am stupid, because the girl could be seriously injured by this little idea. Oh, well, there is no winning without taking some risk ;-)

So last time we stopped at a shopping center, just for 5 minutes. I needed some vitamin stuffs. Going to the health shop, I quickly jumped into my favorite boutique- an Italian designer shop- just for a quick glance. Oh, I have two great passions: shopping and the Italians.

Pizza, gelato, Michelangelo, anything….

After a not too short time the little fellow took everything out of my hands saying: “No, no, this is not you, this is too eclectic, this is too expensive!”….etc….and dragged me out of the shop.

I sadly realized this not going to be my evening, the boy would spoil it. But passion is passion. It not obligatory has to be MY evening. Shoppalcoholists are not selfish and vain, they love shopping for anyone….I asked the boy if he needed anything?

Well a teenage guy is always welcoming at least a T-shirt or something. So we went after a T-shirt for him as a nice change. Soon we realized we do not share the same taste. While he went after something colorful with numbers/license plate/ flags/graffiti on it, like any normal high school boy would wear combined with loose fit jeans and back sack. I kept looking something stylish, something with mono color, collar and buttons.

I tried to convince him to choose something big boyish, like his team mates are sporting in, who are already in the University, the gel brigade.

-Do not start too!


-The boys in the changing room already picking on me the same!


Even with narrowing eyes I could see on the wall my shadow, by the spot light, started to evaporate only to change  shape: a cat? No. Cougar? NO!!! Aha, a tiger, a mother tiger!

(Well, the kids use to arrive to the training in ironed pink polo shirt, leather pants with western boots. First I asked:



-Business meeting?


-You just arrived from an ordinary school day with the tram?


(The poor vocabulary is matching to the rich outfit, must be)

On the last weekend on the bike race just after 5 minutes they finished, they were all in freshly ironed shirt?! Magic. There was no running water anywhere in 5 kms diameters…

How come that these kids are behaving like the lions for example? Where the males are sporting stylish hairdo and all, while the females are actually doing the hunting?!

All those species where the males are decorating themselves, in order to attract the females, are evolutionary dead ends. In the history of the human race we kept improving (do we?) because only the strongest, cleverest, most capable could heredities their genes.

But with the end of struggling and wars the males have no opportunity to impress the females, only by good looking. Here we arrived to the phenomenon of our times , the metro sexuality!

Is the sport could provide space to the males to outstand from the mass? Yes? Even when the girls around them kicking their asses in the same field?! ;-) )

So, my inner mother tiger is woken up.

I made an offer to the boy, if he let ME to choose something for him, he will get if from me.

It was not an easy battle to find the right piece….but finally we agreed on a nice polo shirt, very big boyish….

While I was waiting at the fitting room, I learned how mothers checked the shirts on their sons, by made them lifting their arms…etc.

However I was convinced the arm length of the chosen thing was way too short and the boy certainly will grow, I did not argue. Mothers know they can not win every battle in one time….

The next weekend we went out racing (hunting) on a sprint duathlon on the countryside.

(I won it by a mile, so that is not a story ;-) )

But our youngest, still junior, arrived with the big boys (elite) and finished 4th overall, winning his category!

At the finish line I watched him -with the eyes of a proud mother- standing sweaty, worn in the circle of young girls all admiring him and delivering their congratulation kisses….

Well, I guess the boy does not need stylish outfit or running over the girls to impress them….because winning is still sexy!!!!

Oh, well, Sugar Mommy is in action, again!