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Los Angeles

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

I would like to address this blog to the most important person of my current life, Gabriel.

He is an ark angel, who took my guarding as a moonlighting (part time job).

It went something like this:

“ -Gabriel!

-At your service, my God….

-I have a job for you. There is little one, who would need a guarding angel with high experience.

- Please. I am an ark angel, sales and marketing, no guarding….ask the Security!

-Come on Gab, look down, you know her already…

-Oh, NO!!! She is back! No way, she is a little trouble maker!

-Miss Coco? She created only fashion.

-Only fashion?! She put women into trousers, made them smoking, she invented feminism! She made revolution. Fashion is dangerous.

Do you know how much a Chanel costume cost? (Gab lovingly caressed his own white coat ) God, you have no idea how many lady’s souls we lost because of these freaking expensive dresses!

-Well, why I need you, she is on mission again.

-What now?


-Tennis? Horse riding? Curling?

-No, I invented something real tough. My new hobby. A new marketing place. Triathlon.

People will save or sell their soul to win the big ones…Common Market with Lucifer.

-Cool. I am interested. I bet she has the odds of 1:100000000 to win Hawaii…”

Something like 15 eventful years later Miss Coco was standing along the main road with hammering heart-she was hitch-hiking…in school hours, heading to the next town for a running race.

Coco’ s Mom used to tell her bed-time stories only about little girls kidnapped by sugar daddies, young girls got robbed, raped and killed while they were hitch hiking, etc…

Coco was summing up these stories and the statistics then she guessed her chance to survive the trip is 50%, she will GET raped and killed or NOT…

So she was standing with shaky legs but steady. Finger up, like Caesar would show in the arena: lets him/her survive!


-Oh, the little bitch again….whatever…

-But she has only 50% to survive the adventure!

-Come on God, you know it is not THAT dangerous.

-Yes, I know, but she does NOT! She believes she has half-half….

-Well, she still stand for it….I upgrade my bet, she has 1: 1000000…

-Oh, the “one to the million” that is my favorite odd! Then she will do it! They always do it!

-Yep, in the fairy tales….urban legend….whatever…”

The first car stoped at her, she was peeping into the window only to recognize her shocked Uncle, Tibi.

-What the Hell are you doing here?!-

Well, she could ask the same from him but she was smarter then to risk it….as

for the question of Uncle Tibi there were two possible answers:

1: hitch-hiking in school hours

2: selling sexual services as a PRO (pro is pro. They both doing it for money ;-) )

Well, Uncle Tibi is not that type who pick up hitch hikers….so both spent the trip in deep silence and mutual agreement to not mention this little adventure on family dinners.

“-GAB, this was funny….!


Little later Miss Coco got a racing bike for her 16th birthday. (Thanks Gab!) No more hitch-hiking, she traveled everywhere on her bike.

Once she was still like 60 kms to go when she got into a cold storm. Deep purple and shaking she arrived into a deserted village. Desperated she could not think better than she headed into a church for shelter. Closed.

“GAB! Do you pay any attention? She is on my door mat! I am busy, take care of her….-said God and put more sugar into his/her coffee.

-God, triathlon is an outdoor sport, she has to learn bringing proper clothes with herself, she will get showered so many times ;-)

-She is purple, help her out, now! I need a little peace.”

A man appeared on the street on his city bike. He stopped and offered his coat for the kid.

She arrived home warm and safe.

“Gab, that road- working coat stuff is super, few years and they convert it into goratex and dryfit sport wears.

-That is the plan, I am testing it now.

-You made a little slip anyway.


-She realized that the man and coat was dry while it was pouring.


Few years later….

“-Gab, how is her odds?-asked the God yawning….

-Rising. I am tired.”

Training camp on the Canary Island.

Coco- with her training group- was heading out into the desert for a long run with her fuel belt attached and filled with water. When half way out others were turning back they were thirsty and Coco- the kind hearted -offered her water portion for them while she continued her way into the desert with no water left.

About half way she was hallucinating an old man riding a mountain bike. He stoped and asked her if she was thirsty or just keeping her tongue out by fun?!

He opened his bag packed with cooled water bottles and gived her one. While she was gulping like a camel, he tried to find a common language.

“-Parlez francais? Italiano?-

-English please, but I am Hungarian.

-Ja, te is? (=ah, you too?!)”

The man was planning his next run by hiding one bottle per mile under a rock marked with his spray paint, measured by his GPS….

“Come on Gab, you overdid it! A Hungarian man in the desert?! Cooled mineral water?! Sparkling?

-Whatever…she likes sparkling.

-Confess it, you got fond of her!

-She sacrificed her own portion for others while she needed it more.

-You spoil her.”

I just want to thank you Gabriel your work and love for me. You are always there when I really need you. You keep me warm and hydrated, celebrate my success with me and comfort me when I fail. You are invisible but you always slip and I watch for it then I smile, because I know you are with me and you are funny.

Sometimes I do not see you at all and I despair but I am a big girl now, I could walk alone under your watching eyes and care.

“-Gab, odds?”