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The Krabi Dogs « Felicity Abram's Blog


The Krabi Dogs

This is Marley  AKA – ‘ the stick collector ‘

He’s my blue staffy and the most loving dog ever . He doesn’t just settle for 1 stick  when out on a walk,  but has to fit as many as he can in to his jaws . He loves it !

Anyway while I’m here in Krabi I’m now the one carrying the sticks – for protection ! It may be going a little far but I’m really not a fan of the random dog chases here and it scares the crap out of me . I’ve shouted louder than I ever have before to fend a few off but have found if I carry a stick It helps !

Don’t get me wrong  some are cute and I really feel sorry for them …

But I’ll still carry a stick :)

Flicka x

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