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Bye Bye Krabi ! khob kun kaaa ! « Felicity Abram's Blog


Bye Bye Krabi ! khob kun kaaa !

My 5 weeks in Krabi has finally come to and end as I’m on my way back home to Aus . I must say I am looking forward to a few things :

-My own bed with a sheets and blankets ( not an oversize towel haha)

-Flushing toilet paper actually down the toilet  ( its not allowed here, the drainage system is not good enough apparently )

-A clothes dryer / clothes line  ( with the rain it’s a little hard to get all my washing dry !)

- Drinking water out of the tap ( definitely a no go here! )

-Not being chased by dogs

-lane ropes in the pool ( although now I’m quite used to the chop now & we do race in open water )

- A good steak !( cows are sacred here so its hard to get a good steak anywhere )

But in all reality these are minor things in life and although it’s a challenge for a small amount of time it always makes me realize how lucky I am to live in Australia and to be able to do what I do .

Every time I ran or rode my bike down the road , hard or easy the local kiddies yelling out ‘Hellllooooo hellllooooo ‘  it made me smile and I can’t help but think it made them smile and laugh too . Its was just a nice feeling  :)

I can’t believe how quick the camp went . Probably because I’ve been surrounded by such a good group of inspiring , hard working people all with similar goals  .  I’m very  grateful I’m in the team . I really can’t thank Brett enough , the man who guides us all so well .  Also I  can’t not mention the Swiss athletes as I say goodbye – Its been great training with them and they help get the most out of my sessions while I was in Krabi . If only understood swiss haha . Maybe it’s better that I don’t  . Anyway , I can’t wait to catch up with everyone again in Leysin :)

So back home to Brisbane for a week before I fly to Sydney for my first race of the season . Then it’s back to my second home , the Gold Coast until the next race .

Flicka X

p.s  I hope the rain and floods clear up quickly !

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