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Sydney WCS

Sorry I’m a little late on the race report !

Last weekend was the opening race on the ITU WCS  circuit . Arriving at race briefing  the Friday before and catching up with everyone  was great  and also a good reminder why I’m so lucky to be able to do what I do .

First race of the season and 6 months since my last one was always going to be a little rusty  but it was great to be on the starting line again .  I love to race !

Luckily the water was a warm 22 degrees and a non wetsuit swim . It was quite choppy however and sighting the buoys were a little hard which is why I think the swim was quite messy . Girls all over the place and a shit fight as usual !

I exited the swim a little bit behind the lead girls but  after riding hard for a lap I quickly caught up and was in the lead pack with 2 other packs following a min or few mins behind.

There was no need to do much work in the bike . I simply sat in the pack . The course was quite hilly , with a lot of u turns so still a bit of a sting to the legs no matter where I was .

I hopped off the bike and my bike fell over which meant a slow transition as I didn’t want to take a penalty for not having it racked perfectly ( ITU have suddenly smacked down on penalties  That would be 15sec or 30 sec If I didn’t place my helmet IN the  box  ! )  So it meant I slowly played catch up throughout the run . I didn’t  feel  great but I didn’t feel too bad .

So I’m fairly satisfied with 15th for my first race of the season and for what I’ve done in the lead up . Now I’m really looking forward to putting in some good training before the next  race .

For more info and exact splits on the race check out  www.triathlon.org

After a fun weekend in Sydney I flew back to Brisbane for a few days to my parents place then packed up for the Gold Coast .  It’s great to be back  :)

(Last photo credit -Delly Carr )

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