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Who lead me to Team TBB …. « Felicity Abram's Blog


Who lead me to Team TBB ….

I thought for this blog I would actually explain  how I  came about joining Team TBB and Brett .

Its coming up to three weeks in camp on the gold coast  & it has been absolutely great fun.  Although I’ve only ever lived here a few years of my life  ( gold coast ) – it feels more like home than the busy Brisbane where I grew up.  I have a large group of friends down here too- including 1 awesome chick and team TBB member Bek Keat .

So about 2 and half years ago ,probably the end of 08 or early 09  when I was training with Snowsill, I met up with Miss Keat for a long ride ..  we got chatting as usual and of course the subject about training   came up…

Bek: So how’s things going with Snowy babe , enjoying it all ?!

Me : yeah yeah its good  . ( or something like that . I didn’t really elaborate haha)

And what about you ? Who you training under at the moment ?

Bek :  I’m with Brett .

Me : Sutto?!

Bek : Yeah babe !

Me: F**K isn’t that like super hard shit?!

Bek : Yeah but chick he’s soo good I shoulda joined the team sooner . I’ve never been soo fit .

Me: ( huffing ) yeahh I reckon haha

So that was the end of that subject… But its funny how a little conversation like that can stick in your head……. .

Then only 6 months ago I had my hip operated on and was one frustrated girl . I wasn’t happy with my coaching situation and I didn’t know what to do .

I called up Bek and we met for a pilates session ,where I think we did more talking than pilates ( sorry Creeni ! ) .  I told her the situation I was in and how I thought going to Brett could be an option .

Now back 10 years ago as a 14 yr old my tri coach would link me up with Loretta now and again for a session . She was someone I really looked up to as a youngster and I learnt a lot just training side by side her.  Loretta was coached by Brett at the time and I always wondered wether one day I would ever join team Sutton ..

Bek : Babe you gotta email the Doc . Just do it !  Join the Team and then you can train with me . Yeooww!

So I did .  But I can’t  help but say it was her bright , bubbly , optimistic and friendly self  that just gave me that extra little push to contact ‘the Doc’ .

Anyways It’s funny how things turn out .. I always say everything happens for a reason .

I’m loving it :)

So to end that little story – thanks ‘big Sis’  Bek

and thankyou Brett and Team TBB.

Flicka x

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